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Top Coaching Institute For NEET In KOLKATA

Top Coaching Institute for NEET in KOLKATA

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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
Malcolm X

There are very few coaching Institute in Kolkata guided you  best coaching for Medical Entrance Examination ( NEET, AIIMS) And Engineering ( JEE Main & Advanced). It Is seen that some institute  campaigning in newspaper that they hire teacher from KOTA  or They are KOTA based Institute etc. Students are requested please don’t believe this types of marketing gimmick.  Kota in Rajasthan a place where some most oldest Coaching institute provide good and systematic coaching for NEET & IITs, but if we think deeply think about the number of student intake in Kota vs no of student entries you find that less than 1 percent student get chance in Kota, thats means that for every 100 student less than 1 may get chance in Kota.

we Bengali  people are deeply and easily influence by advertisement, for that reason we forget the real truth behind in Kota based institute. another matter we forget i.e a student life in kota.

The food habit in kota is simply horrible and unsuitable for Bengali student. we simply forget the relation between healthy food habit with concentration.

getting Chance in NEET/IIT is not rocket science, we Bengalies are produce maximum number of Nobel laureate, we are the best among all State in India, So do you think Kota learn us something special which is not available in Kolkata?  

the simply answer is no, they have some systematic approach but moreover they are good advertiser. By systematic advertisement they able to attract best student from country, and produce result very less effort, but this work they do very effectively and collectively, for that reason they built academic hub in country. But a question may arise in your mind that

my son/daughter  is average/ below average can i send my son/daughter to kota?

my simple answer is no. if your son is average/below average then KOTA coaching cannot boost up his/her performance any way. In KOTA coaching institute the average number of student 50 to 150 in a class. In ALLEN claim the number of student enroll for their classroom coaching more than 55 thousands , so how can you expect individual attention for your son.

moreover they divide their batch based on student performance in class examination. For A category student they employed their best faculty, more doubt clearing class etc, that means your son will be more backward  and lost hope. So before spending your sons prime time to KOTA thinks about your sons/daughters potential.

ls the Institute in kolkata is good for Engineering or Medical entrance Examination?

No all the institute in kolkata provide good coaching institute in kolkata. you can check student review from quora. For searching best medical coaching institute in kolkata dont be biased about advertisement. At the time of choosing best institute you may consider the following factor

i) No of student in a class

ii)  Quality of faculty among

iii) Student experience/ review

iv) Same faculty in all batch

v) quality of study material

vi) Research work for unique question.

you may note that i don’t consider the previous results, the main reason is previous result may not give you guarantee to get chance your son/ daughter.

Here I am arrange some Best Coaching Institute For NEET in Kolkata


Aims situated in Barrackpore chiriamore ( North Kolkata). The specialty of the institute is excellent faculty member , Fully solved study material and a wide collection of unique question bank which is not available in market. Their unique teaching methodology help you to solve complex physic, chemistry question within 30 seconds. Aims probably provide.

Why i choose Aims as Best NEET coaching institute in Kolkata

i) Best Faculty quality among all institute in kolkata.

ii) Highest student satisfaction ration among all coaching institute in kolkata

iii) Best coaching methodology

iv) Same faculty for all batch

v) Largest pool of unique practice question set.

In 2019 Aims produce very good result among all the institute in Kolkata.

best classroom coaching for NEET & JEE Mains & Advanced in Kolkata. A sample class from their official website

AAKASH Institute:

AAKASH institute basically well known for Their medical Entrance Examination. But they are provide good coaching for Engineering entrance also. But the real fact is faculty quality differ from branch to branch so students be careful for choosing branch.

Vidyamandir Classes

Vidyamandir class is one of the old coaching in India lead by omdayal group situated in Ballygunge in Kolkata.

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  1. my son studied in Aims for NEET Examination. it is no doubt excellent Institution. Anirban sir ( Physics faculty ) Samit sir ( Chemistry faculty ) And Biology Sir Dr Arghyo sanyal ( practicing doctor ) best in India

  2. As AIMS is the best for complex physic, chemistry question. So the same is Arena Animation Barrackpore, it is best for animation & multimedia training.

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