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ICSE class 9 Chemistry, Study Of GAS LAWS-Boyle’s law


 Measurable properties of gas


             Pressure                        Volume


                                    Boyel’s Law


            Volume                  Temperature


                                      Charles’ law


                Pressure                 Temperature


                                        Gay lussac’s law


             Volume                   No of Moles (n)


                                      Avogadro law

  As per our Board syllabus we discuss only Boyel’s Law & Charles’ law

 Boyels Law: At constant temperature the volume of a given mass of gas is inversely proportional to its pressure.

Mathematically, Boyle’s law may be expressed as

V  α  1/P ( At constant temperature and mass)

V = K/P  or PV = K ( constant)


Let V1 be the volume of the gas at a pressure P1, at constant temperature, if the pressure be increased to P2 then the volume will decrease to V2, According to the law

P1V1 = P2 V2 = Constant


The product of volume and pressure of a given mass of gas is constant at a constant temperature

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