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ICSE Class 9 Chemistry,Numerical Problems on boyle’s law

DAY 3                                       STUDY OF GAS LAW

In Day 1 & Day 2 we learn Boyel’s law. Lets try the numerical problems given below

Prob 1:

A gas occupies 600cmunder a pressure of 700 mm Hg. Find under what  pressure the volume of the gas will be reduced by 20 percent of its original volume, The Temperature remaining constant throughout.

Ans = 875mm Hg

Prob 2:

Two cylinder, both containing carbon di oxide, are connected together by a tube fitted with a tap. The capacity of one cylinder is 4 dm3 and that of other 1 dm3, the Pressure in the first cylinder is 560 mm Hg and that in second 1000mm Hg. What will be the final pressure in both cylinders on opening the Tap, If the temperature remains constant.

Ans = 648mm Hg

Prob 3

The volume of a given mass of a gas with some pieces of marble in a container at 760 mm of pressure is 100 ml. If the pressure is changed to 1000 mm of Hg, the new volume is 80mL. Find out the volume occupied by the marble pieces, if the temperature remains constant.

Ans = 16.6 mL

Prob 4

The Pressure of gas A ( PA ) is 3.0 atm when it occupies 5 L of the Volume. Calculate the Final pressure when it is compressed to 3.0L volume at constant Temperature.

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