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IIT-JEE Myth Vs Reality

Are you aspirant of  IIT-JEE? Well, then you must read this article before beginning your IIT JEE preparation.

Your investment for preparation of IIT-JEE  is like that One Time investment and life time achievement. on the journey of JEE preparation, you may have some misconception which may misguide you and  reduce your chances of cracking the exams. Hence, it is always best to be informed and stay away from such misconceptions.

IIT-JEE Exams Are Unbeatable for an Average Student

Well, there is no doubt that IIT JEE ( JEE advanced) is one of the toughest examination in world.  but that does not mean it is impossible to crack.. If you put your best effort with proper guidance nothing is impossible. Remember that once you cross the barrier world will be easy for you. It is true that every JEE advanced problem is challenge but You will be surprised to know that not all IITians were excellent students who could solve every JEE question in seconds by helps of tricks. So who worked hard, planned properly and practiced immensely to ace the exam.

Study Hours Are Directly Proportional to the Success Rate

No, you need to learn regularly and technically. Everyone has different academic calibre. While some can prepare a chapter in just an hour, others might take a day to get a good hold of a similar topic. 100% focus is what matters, and that is not possible if you compare the study hours with success rate.

Dedicated Studying Even During Last Few Months is Enough for JEE advanced

No, it’s not. Instead, the earlier preparation give you advantage in long run. Begin your preparation earlier, the better it is. If possible start your preparation from class IX .More time gives you the chance to devote enough time to every single topic and involve into rigorous practice. Even if you are a super talented student, thinking that you will be able to crack IIT JEE by preparing during the last month is more of gamble.

Moving to Kota is The Only Option we know that Kota is the hub of coaching classes for competitive exams like IIT-JEE.; however, it is not the only option to crack IIT JEE. In Kolkata, few Coaching institute provided Kota like coaching in kolkata. There are many students who have studied in remote areas of the country and still achieved impressive ranks. They planned properly, took guidance from e-learning programs, focused on the fundamentals and practiced a lot.

More Books Means Better Marks

No. If you follow this rule, You surely be stressed and confused . Rather focus on the basic concepts with good quality study material and solve as many mock tests and practice papers as you can. If you choose our JEE courses, you will get an exclusive study module that covers all the subjects you need to prepare for the exams. Other than that, focus on NCERT books, and you don’t need to exhaust yourself in heaps of books.

Boards Preparation is Same as IIT-JEE

No it may be same syllabus but question level is different. You need to prepare for both differently. Remember that   Many students fall into this trap and end up underperforming in both. Hence, plan a proper study schedule and give enough time to both the exams.

Focusing on Stronger Subjects Compensates the Weaker Ones

This is totally wrong concept. JEE pattern change year to year. Every year one subject is tougher than others subject. It is common JEE examination strategy. Your strong subject does not means you can handle all question So focusing in all subject is absolutely necessary.

JEE Exams Can Ask You About Anything

No, JEE has a fixed syllabus based on CBSE. The question level may be tough but within prescribe syllabus. You need to learn toughest question within prescribe syllabus.

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