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How The Non-Existent Jio Institute Got Its ‘Institution Of Eminence’ Status?

How The Non-Existent Jio Institute Got Its ‘Institution Of Eminence’ Status?

Recently a news is publish that Jio institute get a tag level ‘Institution Of Eminence’ ( IoE) status by by ministry of HRD, and Prakesh Javedkar ( Honorable HRD Minister) congratulation to JIO Institute for their great success.

Before getting this tag, Like all of you I am also not aware about JIO Institute. We know JIO brand as a leading telecom operator , but I have serious doubt how many people ( Except Narendra Modi ji and Prakesh Javedkar ji) aware about this leading institute of India.

If you looking for “Eminence” meaning is something most important, prestigious. An Institute is called prestigious university that means that the Excellent Research work , Excellent faculty, Excellent Infrastructure and at last is Age of the Institute. I asked to a question to Prakash Javedkarji, What is your Parameter makes JIO institute  ‘Institution Of Eminence’ ( IoE)’?.

As per Today’s report “The Union government on Tuesday said it might withdraw the “institute of eminence” (IoE) status for the proposed Reliance Foundation-promoted Jio Institute, if it fails to measure up within three years.”

A question is arise ‘Institution Of Eminence’ ( IoE)’ is prepaid or Post paid tag?  That means that Union minister is confirm that within 3 years Jio Institute will be as like as IIT & IIM. That’s means that level of IIT & IIM is so low that Mukhesh Ambani ji overtake all IIT & IIM within 3 years, that means that education minister fail to maintain the status of IIT & IIM.

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