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Bengalimatrimony, And Its Tradition

Bengali matrimony, Its Origin, Ritual & Culture

Before discussing about Bengali matrimony one should know first about origin of Bengali community, Bengali culture and Bengali rituals.

If we look back 20000 years ago the indigenous population of Bengal consists of tribes like  Kola, Bhil, Santhal, Shabara, and Pulinda.

Ancient Bengal: Bengali civilization almost 4000 years old which is thrives in the river Ganges and Brahmapurtra and this civilization sustain itself on the Ganges delta. The oldest civilization found in  Mahasthangarh in Bangladesh ( 700 BCE) which is more or less similar time of Vedic age, but the culture & ethnicity is different from Vedic culture. So people of Bengal was referred as demons.

Greek King Alexander invaded India ( 300 BC ) and defeated porus. But he was defeated by Gangaridi worries. Gangaridi worries whose king was Xandrammes, and he force to retreat Alexander from delta region of River Ganges.

Mention In Mahabharat:

The Mahabharata mentions Bengali kings Chitrasena and Sanudrasena, who were defeated by Pandav king Bhima. It also talks about a folklore that Bhima was injured by a poisoned arrow and he came to the southern most parts of Bengal, called Patratal, to heal. The southern most parts of Bengal indicates towards the mangrove lands of the Sundarbans.

From the above discussion it is revealed that Bengali have mixed culture. So in Bengali marriage we found lots of rituals which is different in cast, locality etc.  In Brahmin cast Rituals are different from West Bengal and East Bengal community.

 Bengali matrimony  have different tradition & customs in East Bengali and West Bengali. Previous time due to difference of tradition arrange marriage almost impossible between both two community. Presently this problem is gradually reducing and we hope it will be eliminate in near future. Although the cultural difference Bengali marriage compare to other north Indian marriage less fancy and gaudy.

Apart from East Bengal & West Bengal there are lots of different ritual in place to place, as an example people from Medinipur have different rituals than people of Howrah.

Ritual in Bengali Marriage: Bengali matrimony have lots of rituals from before Pre-marriage day to after marriage day. From Ai Buro Bhat To Bidai have lots of rituals and customs presence in Bengali wedding.

Present Trends of Bengalimatrimony:

At present beside cast another factor is gradually rising is qualification. A graduate with a good job is not sufficient qualification to marry a beautiful Bengali brides. A good degree from top listed university with a handsome package ,nuclear family ( specially only child ) is prime requirement. On the other hand value of working lady ( In a good position) is gradually increasing. But this statistic is for upper middle class Bengali family, but on the lower middle class family looking non working bride. There are distinguish difference between upper middle class and lower middle class Bengali family.

Hindu Bengali Brides and grooms from Bangladesh wants to settle in India or USA,UK etc. Due to Political Uncertainty Specially Bangladeshi educated Bengali Brides  wants to marry Bengali NRI grooms and elite Bengali grooms mostly settle in Abroad they also looking for Bengali brides in Kolkata. Those who want to settle abroad permanently they are also looking for Bengali NRI Brides.

But Bengali NRI grooms from Kolkata are mostly looking for non-working Bengali Brides from Kolkata. They are mostly working in IT sector, Due to uncertainty of posting mostly looking for Homely Bengali Brides from Kolkata.

For Bengali Elite Brides & grooms the matching preference is different. Bengali Elite Brides are mostly engage her father’s business or founder of a startup or a doctor they are looking for Bengali grooms settle in Kolkata. Bengali Elite Brides who are celebrity works as a media person like actress in Tollywood Industry they are basically looking for Bengali Doctor grooms Or Bengali Engineer groom in general. Some of Elite Bengali actress brides  are also married Elite Bengali actor groom.

The Bengali Brides & grooms who pass out from IIT-IIM, and other Ivy League University they generally married any Ivy league graduate irrespective of caste & Nation.

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