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Bengali Matrimony


Wedding is one of the most awaited moments in everyone’s life. Marriage makes a relationship sacred so this is considered as a pure event in every caste and religion. Marriage makes the relation of love most eternal beyond all caste and creed. India is the multi regional nation where you will find more than 200 crores people from lots of different religion and caste. When it’s about a wedding all the rituals and customs differ according to different castes.

Bengal is mentioned in our ancient mythological scripts like Mahabharat, Ramayan. It is the heritage land of India. The whole India was under the British province for almost 200 years. In 1905, at the time of Bengal partition the land, Bengal was divided into two parts. The western part of Bengal belonged to West Bengal that was under the British province and the eastern part belonged to Bangladesh that was under the province of Pakistan. The whole Bengali religion also was separated into two parts, the religion belonged to West Bengal was considered as ‘Ghoti’ and the religion belonged to the East Bengal was considered as ‘Bangal’. So naturally all living style, rituals, customs were changed between these two lands. The Bengali Wedding Rituals were also differed a lot from each other in West and East Bengal.

Bengali marriage rituals

A huge number of people belong to the Bengali caste in India and when it comes to the Bengali weddings we all must get excited because there are so many interesting and exciting rituals in Bengali weddings that make the wedding more enjoyable literally. Bengali weddings are amalgamation of rituals, which are really a visual treat, filled with different colors of joy and merriment. The Bengali wedding is also considered as the name of ‘biye’. In West Bengal there are lots of rituals in Bengali wedding.

The pre wedding rituals

Paka katha, where the bride and groom’s family fix the wedding date and the wedding is finalized.

Aiburobhat, this is like bridal shower and this ritual is organized basically before the day of wedding.


sankha porano, in this ritual the bride have to wear sankha and pola because these are a significant part of a Bengali wedding.

 Jol sowa, in this ritual both the bride’s and groom’s mother have to fill a brass pitcher from pond in the morning of the wedding day.

Dadhi mangal, in the morning of the wedding day the bride and the groom are fed sweet yogurt with rice flakes and sweets.


Briddhi puja, this ritual is done by the bride and groom’s father in their respective homes.

Gaye holud, turmeric paste is applied on the groom’s body on the wedding morning and the rest paste is send to the bride’s house as tatwa and then the paste is applied on the bride’s body by her relatives. All these belong to the pre wedding rituals in a Bengali wedding.

Wedding rituals

Bor jatri, in this ritual the groom start his journey to marry his bride after taking blessing of his mother with friends, family and relatives.

Boron, here the groom is welcomed and blessed by the bride’s mother.

Ashirbad, the groom takes blessings from the elder members of the bride’s family and relatives.

Subhodrishti, in this ritual the bride and groom see each other’s eyes after the bride removing the betel leaves by that she hides her face.

Mala badal, the bride and groom interchange their garland for three times.

Saat paak, the groom and the bride have to go seven times around the sacred fire.

Kanyadan, the bride has to sit opposite of the groom and her father or any elder male member unite their hands by sacred thread.

Sindoor daan, in this part the groom applies sindoor on the bride’s forehead.  All these rituals belong to the Bengali wedding ritual.

Post wedding rituals

Basar ghar, when the marriage gets completed bride and grrom have to sit in a room with the bride’s family.

Bashi biye, In this ritual the sindoor daan is repeated by the groom in the morning on the day after wedding.

Bidai, the bride has to leave her home and family and it is the most emotional ritual of a wedding.

Badhu baran, the bride gets welcomed in the groom’s home with blessing.

Kaal ratri, in this ritual the bride and groom are not allowed to see each other’s face for the whole day.

Bhat kapor, on the next day morning the groom gives a plate with sari and foods and takes the responsibility of his wife’s all requirements.

Reception, the groom’s family invite their relative to meet them with the new bride.

Phul sojja, the couple spends their first night in a room beautifully decorated with flowers.

Ashtamangala, on the eighth day of wedding the newly married couple go to the bride’s home. These are the post wedding rituals in Bengali Wedding.

So in Bengali weddings there you will find the amalgamation of joy, merriment and lots of emotion indeed. But the wedding culture is a bit different in East Bengal from the West Bengal wedding rituals. The East Bengal wedding rituals are Ghotok, Paka katha, Panchini, Announcement of marriage, Aiburo bhat, Ganer jolsha, Ruhi fish, Gaye holud, Mehendi, Niqah, Borjatra, Biye, Konyabidai, Bashor ghor, Boubhat. Panchini, Ganer jolsha, Ruhi fish, Niqah these rituals are done only in the East Bengal weddings.

Culture mixing through a marriage

The ancient caste system prohibited marriage between two people who belonged to two different castes. But in this developed society inter-caste marriage got acceptance it helps not only two people to meet, also help two different cultures to mix up. When two people from two different castes tie the knot of their relation in wedding all the different cultures, rituals everything embrace each other by the eternal bond. So, inter-caste marriage is accepted in Bengalis also. Thorough the wedding Bengali culture mix with the other cultures and the culture get praised by the whole world now. This is how the Bengali culture is not only limited in Bengal, it has spread its beautiful customs and rituals throughout the whole world.

The present trend of matchmaking

In this busy world we get hardly time to find the appropriate partner with whom we can spend our whole life happily and without any hesitation for sure. As in this developed world we have solutions in our hand of every problems, there is also solution of this problem too. There are lots of matrimonial portals that will help find your perfect bride or groom as per your preference. But as every weddings portals’ services and charges differ from each other you have to choose the appropriate wedding portal as your all requirements.

99 Marriage Guru, the best Bengali matrimony portal

99 Marriage Guru is the best Bengali matrimony portal, that will help you to find your perfect bride or groom by their assisted matrimony service where your relationship manger will take the all responsibility of finding your mate and he will also fix a meeting for you and your prospect.  The incredible services that are provided by 99 Marriage Guru from pre wedding services to post wedding services in a reasonable budget package will make your wedding really more special and accurate. This marriage portal is being a first choice among peoples of West Bengal and also for peoples in Bangladesh. 99 Marriage Guru is the one stop solution of every marriage related matters where they will deal with your match making to your reception. My cousin brother who lives in Dhaka, being a reputed businessman he can’t get much time for himself. So, it was a huge problem for him to find an appropriate bride as per his preference. As he belong to a traditional family his family wanted to keep all the rituals and customs appropriately , but on other portals like ABP weddings, Bharat matrimony, they could not find the service assurance of maintain traditional rituals that is organized throughout in a Bengali wedding. He got many names of matrimony portals on a single search but these wedding portals are only business oriented they hardly understand the depth of rituals that make the bond of marriage more strong. Then he found this wedding portal on the best rating and reviews so he registered his name on this site and 99 Marriage Guru helped him find his perfect match by their Elite matrimony service. As Bengali marriage is an amalgamation of lots of rituals and emotion, this marriage portal was the best choice for him because they were enough acquainted about the Bengali Wedding rituals and understand the emotion and depth of every customs so well and make the Bengali wedding more traditional. They not only helped him to find his bride, they also organized all the pre wedding rituals like paka katha,  panchini, Aiburobhat, Ganer jolsha, wedding rituals like Ruhi fish, Gaye holud, Mehendi, Niqah, Bor jatra and post wedding rituals like Basor ghor, Boubhat etc in a perfect way. 99 Marriage Guru realize the difference between every caste and they work per every different customs and rituals.  You will get many more services also like, Venue booking, catering, entertainment, hospitality and guest management, Grooming, Priest organizing, photography etc in a minimum budget package. So, undoubtedly 99 Marriage Guru is the best Bengali matrimony portal not only in West Bengal but also beyond West Bengal as well.

You can differentiate this portal from other wedding portals that will help you to choose the perfect one wisely by the difference they all vary.

Difference of the online services between 99 Marriage Guru and Bengali Matrimony

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