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Top Five Matrimonial Website For Bengali

Top Five Matrimonial Website For Bengali

Top Five Matrimonial Website For Bengali

Looking for matrimonial portals? Here are the top five matrimonial portals that will be suitable for Bengali. A Bengali wedding is not less than a festival and when it’s about a Bengali wedding the first things that come in our mind are, heritage and rituals. Bengali marriage is the collation of emotions, love and merriments. As nowadays peoples prefer everything without any hazard, there are lots of matrimonial portals that will make it easy to find a perfect match and to plan a grand wedding. But it may be confusing to choose the appropriate wedding portal that will be compatible to all expectations. If want to be mingle soon here are the top five Bengali matrimonial sites that should checked out.

99 Marriage Guru is a leading and most trusted wedding brand at present. you can find largest number of matching Bengali profile here. This wedding portal is committed to find perfect match. 99 Marriage Guru is a well preferred Bengali wedding portal because they understand the importance and depth of all Bengali rituals and organize all pre wedding and post wedding rituals. This wedding portal is dedicated to offer a bunch of services under one umbrella. The services that are provided by this matrimony portal are:

Assisted Matrimony– In this assisted service 99 Marriage Guru provides a highly experienced relationship manager  who will take the responsibility to find one’s perfect match as per his/her preference by expert searching process, shortlist matches, initiate communication. Then the relation manager will arrange a meeting with the prospect for further progress.

Elite Matrimony– 99 Marriage Guru provides this confidential service mainly for HNI’s affluent business man and celebrity profiles. They maintain 100% privacy in this service. They keep their client’s all information private and offers to find the appropriate match as per client’s status, lifestyle and preference. This wedding portal provides silver, gold, diamond, platinum and celebrity packages as per their clients’ criteria.

Ivy League Matrimony– In this service a professional relationship manager is provided who finds the perfect match by personalized search, expert hunting within database, searching updated profiles. Then he organizes a meeting for the client with his/her prospect.

NRI Matrimony– This is a personalized matchmaking service for NRI. A highly experienced relationship manager will be provided who will share all the responsibilities. 99 Marriage Guru is dedicated to provide expert matchmaking service by this service where the relationship manager will find the appropriate match by expert search, shortlist matches and after effective communication he will meet the prospect on behalf of the client. They provide NRI silver and NRI gold package for this service.

Pre Marriage InvestigationPre marriage investigation service is a very required service that is hard to find on other wedding portals. But 99 Marriage Guru provides this service to as they understand that this is so important for anyone to know all information about his/her would be mate. They provide the best private detective team to investigate about the prospect’s family background, character, job profiles, reputation etc and they maintain highest secrecy throughout the whole process.

Astrology Service– In this service the client’s and prospect’s horoscope is matched by the kundli to check the compatibility. This is the process of matching two people together for the purpose of wedding as horoscope matching has a great influence on marriage.

Wedding planning Service– In wedding planning service 99 Marriage Guru provides many extra services such as budget making, venue booking, wedding invitations, hospitality and guest management, entertainment, full catering service, overall grooming, priest arranging, decorations and photography as well.

Wedding Photography– This wedding portal provides the photography and cinematography services by the best photographers. They also provide wedding movie as well. For further details visit

Wedding Loan: First Bengali matrimonial website who provide matrimonial loan ( Friendly marriage loan) to all client.

Bengali Matrimony is also a well known wedding portal for Bengali. Bengali matrimony is a wedding portal that is pioneered by Bharat Matrimony. The services provided by this portal are:

Assisted Service– In this service an experienced relationship manager will be provided. The highly involved Relationship Manager understands the client’s expectations and provides personalized assistance.  He will provide a expert search within reach, shortlist matches and will initiate communication with the prospect and finally the assistant will arrange a meeting between the client and the prospect.

Elite Matrimony– Elite matrimony service is the exclusive matchmaking service for rich and affluent clients. This wedding portal is focused on serving privileged class who are unique in their taste and style. A dedicated relationship manager finds the perfect match for the client in a confidential manner.

Moreover this wedding portal provides some regional wedding services like Gujrati matrimony, Tamil matrimony, Maratha matrimony, Sindhi matrimony etc. This wedding portal offers three types of package such as classic, classic advantage and classic premium package. But this wedding portal charges a huge amount for all the services they provide, and the other problems are there are lots of inauthentic profiles on this site and many fake profiles as well, problem in setting filters, constant update reminders and ads on this site. For further details visit

Shaadi.Com is one of the oldest wedding portals. Mr. Anupam Mittal is the founder of this wedding portal. This site was launched with a goal of providing the perfect matchmaking service. The services provided by are:

VIP Shaadi– This is a matchmaking service offering by the connoisseurs of matchmaking. They provide a VIP Consultant to the client who will work at the client’s pace and find the most fitting match. In VIP Shaadi service the advisor understands HNI’s, affluent businessmen and professionals of present society. The provided relationship manager will find the perfect match with 100% confidentiality. They match clients with extremely specific requirements.

Select Shaadi– An advisor takes care of the client’s profile on and helps in searching the appropriate match and to getting in touch with the prospect. The advisor focus on understanding the client’s preferences and then hand pricks the best matches as per the client’s preference. Then the select shaadi advisor initiates communication with the approved prospects and organizes meetings with the prospect.

Moreover this wedding portal provides careful screening system and quick response service. But this portal charges a huge amount for the services. For further details visit

ABP wedding is a wedding portal that provides matchmaking service of basis of matching photo id. This portal deals basically with Bengali matchmaking. This wedding portal makes submission of a photo ID mandatory for any user who would like to connect with other users registered on the site. Apart from matchmaking ABP Weddings provide allied services such as:

Assisted Service– This wedding portal provides assisted matrimony service that’s a personalized matchmaking service where a relationship manager understands the client’s requirements and sends most suitable profiles to the client. He also manages prospect responses and helps client.

Self Service– In this service after registering client have to find his/her prospect by own.

Moreover this portal serves venue booking, catering, hair styling and makeup etc. This wedding portal provides Assisted and online matrimony services in a high budget package. But ABP Weddings does not provide proper details about the matches and not user friendly. As per review, this site does not even provide any assistance after payment, and that may be a huge problem for you. For further details visit is another wedding portal for Bengali. This wedding portal operates through a network of offices all across India. They have 14 offices called match point in 14 cities of India. This wedding portal came with an objective like ‘we match better’.

Personalized Service– This wedding portal provides personalized service where a relationship manager will be assigned to the client, who will work on the client’s profile to get it noticed. He will understand the requirements of the client and will send interests to handpicked profiles that will match to the client’s preferences and finalize a meeting with the prospect for further progress. After paying for the premium membership plan client will find calling and chatting services. They provide special benefits to paid members. But on this wedding portal there are some cons such as higher charges for services, more inauthentic and fake profiles, there are few same caste matches. For detail information visit

Here these are all about the top five matrimonial portals for Bengali with pros and cons and by these descriptions 99 Marriage Guru seems as the best wedding portal for Bengali because this wedding portal gives all the premium services under one roof. As it’s a headache to appoint different advisors to get different services for clients who live in foreign and in India as well, 99 Marriage Guru provides every services that are needed to arrange a great grand wedding that other portals hardly provide and even the other four portals don’t provide all the services that 99 Marriage Guru provides. This wedding portal is the one stop solution for Bengali wedding purpose and also in reasonable budget orientation.

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