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Top 5 IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes In Kolkata

Top 5 IIT-JEE coaching institutes in Kolkata

Top 5 IIT-JEE ( JEE Mains & Advanced) Coaching Institute In Kolkata.

In this society of competition and proving excellence it’s high time to choose the right path that will lead a student to his/her ultimate success. After 10+2 exam IIT-JEE ( JEE Mains & Advanced) is the appropriate option that will lead a student to a huge success. As the JEE Mains & Advanced syllabus is enough difficult and huge and there are variety of tricky questions that are conceptual even lots of different numerical questions as well. So, it’s nearly impossible to crack IIT-JEE ( JEE Mains & Advanced) exam without proper guidance.

As nowadays many institutes publish huge ads on newspaper for publicity, it convinces the students and guardians more by false claim in the advertisements and they got easily trapped by the fake promises of these institutes. But after a student will be admitted by these fake promises he/she will understand the reality. But in this internet oriented society it’s really hard to find the most appropriate JEE coaching institute that will be appropriate. As there many names will pops on the screen by a single search it’s really confusing for students to choose the perfect one. So here are the top IIT-JEE coaching institutes of Kolkata that will help a student to take the right decision.

Aims is one of the most leading IIT-JEE coaching institutes in Kolkata. Aims is basically a teachers’ organization, a bit different from any other coaching institutes. In this institute the faculties are excellent JEE experts who are 15-20 years experienced in their respective field and the teachers are also highly experience in JEE coaching and help students to be efficient enough to crack JEE with aspired ranking. The faculties are; Mr. Anirban Chakraborty who is the best physics teacher for IIT-JEE main and advanced, MR. Abhijit Ghosh who is the best math teacher for IIT-JEE and Pulak Maity is the best chemistry teacher for IIT-JEE main and advanced. In Aims the faculty quality is nonparallel throughout Kolkata. They make the students improved by their excellence and experience.

The teaching method is the most fascinating part of this institute as it’s all about the faculty members’ research work. The faculties give lectures from the basic level to advanced level and help their students from clearing the underlying concepts to problem solving techniques and short cut tricks so that student can solve questions of physics, chemistry and biology in few seconds. Aims provide the excellent Kota like teaching to the students. The facilities that Aims provide to students are; vastly experienced JEE specialists, exceptional teaching methods, low teacher-student ratio, unique fully solved study materials, extra revision and back up classes, doubt clearing classes, test series with detailed solutions, homely and cooperative environment etc. Aims provide smart classes and free demo classes as well. The relation between the students and the faculties is very cordial. As per the students’ review the faculties have help them a lot for their improvement. The faculties always try to motivate students to keep them focused. It will be a home out of home experience for students here in Aims.

Aims also provide foundation course, as class 8 is the most delicate stage of a student to decide about their aim, this institute helps the students by teaching the vital area of physics and math by this foundation courses. In foundation courses Mr. S. Halder who is BE-civil engineer(JU), ME-const. Engg(JU), MBA(Finance), chartered engineer(India), teach JEE(main and advanced) to the students with excellence with other highly experienced faculties. The faculties help the students to get best ranks in JEE by their excellent experience, as the faculty quality is really considered as the best in India.

As the right to education is for all, from poor to rich every talent must be praised and needed to be guided to shine like a star, AIMS think about every background student and they fix a reasonable budget package for JEE coaching. This institute costs at least one third that of the other institutions and delivers much more facilities than any other coaching institutes. Being a teachers’ organization they concentrate on students’ improvement rather than making the study system a business. So the meritorious student who is financially weak, this institute will be preferable for them as well because no boundary can stop talent. Aims is socially responsible organization and always stands by poor and brilliant students, it’s absolutely free for deserving students. For further details visit

Sample JEE Main & Advanced class from Aims

Anirban Sir( Legend Physics teacher for IITJEE From Kolkata)

MR Abhijit Ghosh ( IIT Math guru)

MR Pulak Maity ( Chemistry Faculty Aims)

Resonace– It’s an IIT-JEE coaching institute in Kolkata. Resonace makes the students efficient with practice, persistence and performance. This is one of the emerging coaching institutes of Kolkata. This institute provides JEE main and advanced coaching, moreover some coaching programs like distance learning program, pre-foundation career care programs etc. They provide appropriate study materials that help the students to crack JEE main and advanced. But in this institute the physics and math classes are really not up to mark that will not be preferable for any student, and the amount of Rs, 1,48000/- is enough huge for any student to pay. For further details visit

Pathfinder– Pathfinder is one of the well known IIT-JEE coaching institutes of Kolkata. This institute provide coaching classes for JEE main and advanced by efficient faculties. Pathfinder provides some advantages through Co-Academic services such as; motivational classes, student welfare department, guidance and counseling zone, alumni club, doubt clearing classes etc in a cooperative manner and involvement with the students. But as per review there is always some flaws behind a good name, Pathfinder will not be proper for a student from many perspectives because the faculties give huge pressure to students and in their failures the faculties harass them instead of motivating them for their further progress. For further details visit

FIITJEE– FIITJEE is other brand name that provides coaching classes for IIT-JEE. The faculties are good and they guide students for getting better ranks in JEE. But if a student will not be enough meritorious he/she can’t stay in this institute for long time. Moreover the fees are abnormally high compared to the services and faculty quality that will be difficult to afford for students who belong to middle class background. Visit for detailed information.

Aakash– This is another well known institute in Kolkata for IIT-JEE coaching. Aakash is a big brand name though student should go for it after knowing the facilities that this institute provides otherwise they may have to face the consequences. This institute provides doubt clearing classes, tests and assessments, motivational sessions, parents teachers meetings, disciplined and motivational class etc to the students. But there are some cons also as the faculties give attention to the students who belong from reputed English medium schools and the remained students get hardly attention of the faculties. Moreover students get harassed sometimes and if anyone wants to be withdraw his/her admission from this institution, they don’t even get their money refunded. Though this institution is well known enough but the vibes they provide that may not be appropriate for a student’s success. Visit for further details.

So here are the top five IIT-JEE coaching institutes of Kolkata. But Aims is considered as the best coaching institute, as they provides phenomenal teaching methodologies in reasonable budget package that will lead the students to their aspired destination of success.


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  1. Anirban sir ( HOD Physics Aims Barrackpore ) is best Physics faculty for IIT-JEE I have ever seen. Aims is Undoubtedly Best for quality faculty in Kolkata.

    1. My nephew prepare for JEE in Aims Barrackpore, so I think I am suitable for give you write answer in this matter.
      First I discuss about faculty quality: faculty quality is very good compare to other institute, In my experience I saw most of the institute have face problem in faculty, most of case faculty is change in mid semester,and students are suffer, But here all faculty is permanent and senior level . Most of faculty is highly experienced so faculty related problem you not face in here.
      Their teaching methodology is good, all faculty is sincere and cooperative, my nephew now get 5 day class at the moment, he is now confident about upcoming JEE examination.
      Most impotent things is Aims provide collection of unique numerical question paper and solving technique, in every class a student get almost 50 to 60 unique question and solution, so students get a huge collection of numerical & theoretical question with solution, which is most valuable for a students for JEE preparation.
      Their fees structure is less in compare, at least I personally don’t found any coaching institute in this fees structure. Aims is also arrange scholarship test for lowering tuition fees.
      Aims provide free demo class, so a student can well-versed about faculty quality before admission.
      Students come here from not only from Kolkata, but also from different district from west Bengal and from others state like Gujarat, Bihar, Jharkhand etc
      Their classroom size of Aims is small, hardly 20 student can accommodated in a batch, it is better for a JEE student. The entire classroom is Air conditioned.

  2. Anirban sir( Aims Physics Faculty) Is excellent physics faculty for JEE Advanced ( IIT-JEE) level.

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