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Top Classroom Coaching For CBSE/ISC (For Class XI &XII) Board Examination In Barrackpore

Top classroom coaching for CBSE/ISC (For class XI &XII) Board examination in Barrackpore

TOP Science coaching for CBSE/ISC in North Kolkata( Barrackpore)

A bright student is the aspect of society, who can lead the society at its best place. From a child to a grown up successful man/woman, everyone have to go through many exams in academic and in live field as well to get the success. Board exam is the basic stage in every student’s life. Board exams make realize a student that, in million of students he/she is not particular who is working hard and going through all hurdles to get success, rather a student have the capability of competing with all the competitors for success. Board exam shows, a student’s real capability. 10+2 level exam is a national level exam that measures a student’s academic performance and merit as well.

Importance of board examination result

Board exam is obviously a vital part in every student’s life as a student’s future life highly depends on the board exam’s result. A student’s career goal depends on his/her 12th board exam and the percentage in class 12 board exam result decides the course of a student’s career. The board exam’s result is also important for a student to decide what he/she want to be in life and what profession a student want to choose and how early want to be successful in life. To get this success students have to crack many tough exams which have board exam percentage barrier. So, a student must have to get good percentage in board exams to walk through the path of success. As different exams like NDA, JEE, NEET, TES, CPT etc. have marks barrier, the board exams varies a lot for all students. It’s also important to get an enough marks in board exams to take admission in prestigious college a good percent number is required in 10+2 exam and. Moreover to get chance to work in reputed government job like in railways, staff selection commission, food supply departments or in multinational company, the board exam result matters a lot.

Top classroom coaching institute for class XI & XII board exam

A student can hardly learn everything properly from school because all the students can’t be attended similarly and it’s also a headache to appoint teachers separately for every subject. So, classroom coaching is a great option for all students where a student will learn attentively in home like ambience. Aims is a leading coaching institute, in Barrackpore for classroom coaching for CBSE and ISC board exams for 10+2 exam. This institute gives coaching for board exams (10+2) for both CBSE and ISC board and helps students to get great marks in board exams that fix the path of success for every student. So Aims institute is on the top rank for giving the best classroom coaching for XI & XII board exams.

Why a student should choose Aims?

There are many different modes of a preparation for any and as the board exam is one of the most important exams for any student, students should choose the most appropriate way for preparation of the exam. Aims is basically a teachers’ association and quite different from other coaching institutes. Distance learning program, Test series program, Online study program, there are many ways, but the most convenient way is classroom coaching so that a student can get the best quality coaching that will help him/her a lot for board exam preparation. Here Aims emphasize on classroom coaching in direct contact with the students. Here students come in direct contact with teachers and teachers teach them with their experience as the faculties are 15-20 years experienced in this field. The teaching methodology is really phenomenal and the main attraction of this institute that will be fascinating for any student.

The student teacher ratio is very small such 30 is to 1, so all the students can get individual attention from the teacher that helps them a lot. It’s really a remarkable achievement by Aims because in all other institutions the student teacher ratio is 90 is to 1 or 100 is to 1. The teachers not only give their schedules allotted classes even also give so many extra classes for students’ betterment. In Aims students get one by one doubt clearing classes with the faculties with their problem so students will be cleared from all their doubts and they can ask anything without any hesitation to the teachers.

Aims provide such phenomenal facilities to students, which others institutes hardly provide. The faculties provide real exam type mock tests for students to make them previously prepared for the final board exam. These mock tests help students a lot as they can be familiar with the exam pattern before the final board exam.

Aims charges at least one third in comparison of any other institutes and delivers much more advantages to students. Aims always concentrate on a student’s betterment for his/her future. The faculties give attention on each and every student. So undoubtedly there are lots of reasons for that a student should choose Aims to get better marks in board (10+2) exams and to create the strong base for a successful future.

 Why Aims is the best institution for CBSE/ICSE Board examination?

Daily home task- The faculties give home works to students through their online account on daily basis, that keep all students in practice and this help the students to get good marks in the board exam.

Online mock test- Aims provide real exam like online mock test every year, so that students can be familiar with the exam pattern of the board exam. Before the final exam this mock tests helps students a lot for CBSE and ISC board. But other institutes don’t provide such facilities for students’ betterment.

Daily progress- Two process are there of testing students’ progress, one is classroom response and the other is class tests. But the faculties emphasize on students’ classroom response more. Because classroom response is such a thing, that clear how much a student is understanding or is attentive in class. It’s also the main way to find some real talent from a bunch of students. So this process makes a clear view about a student’s progress. Moreover the faculties measure the students’ progress through class tests.

Best faculty- For being a teachers’ organization Aims obviously provide the best quality faculty who are highly experienced in their respective fields and teach the students with proficiency and their experience in a cooperative manner. There is no doubt that the faculties have a great influence over the students for getting satisfying marks in 10+2 board exams.

Small Batch- The teacher student ratio is the best part of Aims as the student teacher ratio is very small. As there are not more than 30 students in one batch the teachers can give attention to each student separately that helps the students a lot to discuss about their problems with their teachers.

Separate batch- Aims organize separate batch for CBSE and ISC board students. As the syllabus is different in two boards the separate class is arranged to avoid confusions. Many institutions shows partiality to students based on different boards but the faculties attend all students similarly.

Course curricular as per different boards- Aims provide different course curricular as per CBSE and ISC norms that helps students to get great marks in board exams.

The board exam is not the end it is also related with JEE (main & advanced) and NEET as well. As board exams are the basics and the topics and chapters are covered in detail in board syllabus. In JEE or NEET exams such questions are also asked but in a different fashion. That’s why a student, who want to get good score in JEE or NEET he/she must know the basics. Students have to know the formulas, derivations and many more things thoroughly for the next. Here in Aims the faculties make the students’ base stronger for their further journey.

Undoubtedly these special features make Aims, the top institute for classroom coaching for students of CBSE and ISC board as well for class XI & XII board exams in Barrackpore. So, Aims will be the perfect choice for any students who want to get aspired marks in board exams. Aims institute is the one stop destination for students who want to shine in future and to be established successfully. For More details visits 

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