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Top classroom coaching for CBSE/ICSE (For class VIII, IX, X) in Barrackpore

Board examinations have a major role in every student’s life as it’s the basic step towards the journey of success. Class VIII, IX, and X board exams are like the entrance towards the huge journey of success in students’ life. The board exam result influences on a students’ future carrier also as it shows a student’s capability and merit as well.  There are many methods of teaching for board exams but the classroom teaching is the most convenient way for a student as by classroom coaching a student can learn everything from teachers in direct contact with the teachers. Therefore it’s so important to choose the most appropriate coaching center, that provide the best classroom coaching for class VIII, IX and X, from CBSE/ICSE boards.

The best classroom coaching center for class VIII, IX & X board exams

In Kolkata there are many coaching institutes that provide coaching for class VIII, IX, X board exams, but they all don’t give the same facilities to students. That’s why it’s important to get admission in the best coaching institute to get satisfying result.

Aims is a professionally managed and fast leading coaching institute in Barrackpore that provides the best coaching classes for CBSE and ICSE board students. This institute ensures students for giving their expecting result for sure as their main aim is every student’s success. The facilities that Aims provide to students make this institute really remarkable and phenomenal. So undoubtedly Aims will be a very suitable institute for students of CBSE/ICSE board, that provide such extraordinary classroom coaching for class VIII, IX & X.

Why a student must choose Aims for classroom coaching?

Aims institute is a little bit different from any other coaching provide institutes as it’s a teachers’ organization and don’t hire teachers from market like any other institute. Aims provide the best quality faculties not only of Kolkata, but also of West Bengal as well. The teachers are 15-20 years experienced in their respective field and understand each student’s needs so well. They provide the best teaching methodologies to students. There are distance learning program, test series program, online study programs for board exam’s preparation but here in Aims the faculties emphasize on the classroom coaching as it’s the most convenient way for any student’s betterment. Students get the best learning in classroom coaching as they can discuss their problems directly with teachers and the teachers also can attend every students separately. In Aims the students will also get one by one doubt clearing classes. The faculties organize separate classes for CBSE board students and ICSE board students in the classroom coaching program. As the faculties emphasize on each students progress, they give extra classes also except their scheduled classes. Moreover students can get library and laboratory facilities in Aims that is needed for the students.

As class VIII, Ix, X is the basic for JEE, in Aims the faculties also arrange foundation course for students. The foundation faculty members are very much qualifies and efficient in their respective fields. The foundation course by this institute is such a unique part that other institutes hardly provide. This foundation course includes teaching of the major science subjects with targeting class X board exam, guiding students with the simple approach for conceptual development of science subjects. The students who will come for board exam preparation they will also be familiar about the advanced topics like molecular, atomic, modern physics, elementary particles and the fundamental forces, nuclear physics, mathematical number system, algebra, coordinate geometry, statistics and probability, chemical reactions, acids, bases and salts, periodic classification of chemical elements, biological evolution and heredity. They will get also the basic idea about JEE and NEET as well and also will know the tactics to crack this tough exams.

Where as in other institutes the student teacher ratio is 90 is to 1 or 100 is to 1, in Aims the student teacher ratio is 30 is to 1. It’s the best part of Aims that gives students more space with the teachers. For the small teacher student ratio the teachers give attention to each and every student for their progress.

Aims is a reasonable institute as it charges one forth than any other institute. All students get chance to get improved in Aims. From rich to poor, Aims don’t neglect any talent and also provide free demo classes for students.

These all facilities are enough reliable for any student to choose Aims for class VIII, IX & X board exams. Aims always concentrate on students, so that they can get satisfying marks that will help them in their future journey towards their establishment.

Why Aims is considered as best for CBSE/ICSE board exams?

The features that makes Aims institution exceptional, are-

Daily home task- The faculties give home assessments to students on daily basis by their online account, that keep the students in practice and help students to get efficiency.

Online mock test- In Aims the faculties arrange real like online mock test for students for class VIII, IX, X. This helps the students to get idea about the final board exam pattern and about the tactics how to get efficient marks in the board exams.

Daily progress measurement- There are two ways of measuring students’ progress, test series program and classroom response. In Aims the faculties emphasize on students’ classroom response. This not only makes it clear about how much a student is getting improved moreover helps the teachers to find such real talents among the bunch of students.

Best faculty- The faculty quality of Aims is the most fascinating part for any student. Being a teachers’ organization Aims provide a bunch of exceptional and highly experienced teachers. They provide the unbeatable teaching methodology to students for their progress. They teach the students in the most convenient and cooperative manner.

Small batch- Aims provide small batches for the classroom coaching program. As there are not more than 30 students in a batch the students teacher ratio is very small, it’s like 30 is to 1. For small batch system all students can communicate with the faculties and can learn in more cooperatively.

Separate batch- The faculties arrange separate batch for CBSE and ICSE board students for their board exam preparation as the syllabus pattern is quite different.

Different board wise course curricular- Aims provide classroom coaching as per CBSE and ICSE norms separately for their betterment. Overall the faculties emphasize on basic concepts, basic numerical and strategies as it’s the most important thing for students to score good marks in board exams.

Moreover the faculties prepare students for their future as they make students’ base strong from class VIII, IX, X. They learn the basics about JEE and NEET also as many students choose JEE or NEET as their future goal.

Though successful future is a relative matter as it depends on many matters still Aims always emphasize on the basic parts as it’s important for students to get clear concepts about the basics to get better results and success as well. So, undoubtedly Aims is the best classroom coaching institute for CBSE/ICSE students of class VIII, IX & X for board exams for its phenomenal teaching methodologies and facilities that they give to students.

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