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Necessity of Foundation course for JEE & NEET preparation

Most IIT-JEE Toppers Starts Preparation From Class 9th & 10th

Why Do not You?


As to build a strong house it’s important to make the base strong, like that to achieve any goal in life the concepts and basics have to be strong and clear. Foundation course is the basic course for IIT JEE and NEET. It is also known as target JEE. Foundation course is the starting point or basic step for students of class VIII, IX, & X, who want to crack IIT JEE and NEET as well. This course generally helps students to become mentally strong for JEE and also helps students to be strategically strong as well, as they can start their journey towards IIT JEE or NEET with clear concept. Though this foundation course is ideal from class XI but still such institutes provide this course from class VIII also. The objective of the foundation course is to teach students basic concepts in proper way, time management, following disciplined schedule and improving thinking skill.

Why foundation course is essential for students who target JEE/NEET?

Target JEE is the basic course and has a great influence on students’ preparation, targeting for JEE examination. The foundation course helps students to build a strong base for IIT JEE and NEET exam syllabus and pattern. Class Ix & X is the most prominent time for students who choose JEE/NEET as their goal because this foundation course includes the basic parts of JEE/NEET that also helps students in a large part in XI & XII board exam as well. The foundation course is very important because a student get hardly time of 14-16 months after class 10th board exam he/she must be prepared previously from IX & X to crack JEE in one attempt. As JEE exam is organized now twice in a year, a student of class XII get it’s like a hurdle to cover up the JEE preparation side by side the board exam preparation. So when a student get the foundation course from class IX or X it will be very helpful as he/she would not have to skip a year or chance sit for JEE. Though the NEET exam doesn’t help once in a year but for next like JEE it will also be held for twice in a year, in that case the foundation course will be a very helpful matter for students as they can cover many things previously for NEET exam. When a student will be prepared early for JEE/NEET from class VIII, IX, or X he/she will be ahead of others competition for sure. Students will also be helped in class XI, XII as there many basic things will be covered of XI, XII syllabus in foundation course.

Moreover in foundation course a student will learn the value of self realization and also will be sincere about their objectives and goals from the basic stage of life and will work hard also to achieve it in any cost, that’s a big advantage of foundation course. It always motivates students with positivity towards their aspiring goal of cracking JEE/NEET.

Advantage of foundation course for competitive exam

Foundation course is the basic level where students can learn about the basic concept and pattern of JEE and NEET. So it’s natural that foundation course helps students to get idea of cracking JEE and NEET and also make them strategically strong about many others competitive exams like NDA, JEE, NEET, TES, CPT etc. because they are also related with some of areas of class XI & XII. So when a student will get a foundation course he/she not only will be familiar with the JEE or NEET syllabus but also will be familiar with class 11th and 12th syllabus in a huge way that will also help them preparing for other competitive exams beside JEE and NEET. Moreover students will also be prepared for JSTSE, NTSE and various Olympiads through the foundation course.

In present time there are many coaching institution that provides foundation course from the basic level but it’s important to choose the appropriate coaching institute that provides foundation course in the most prominent way to students. Aims is a leading institute in Kolkata that provides really phenomenal foundation course to students whose target is to crack JEE and NEET with best ranking.

Why a student should choose Aims for foundation course?

In Foundation course teachers give right direction, guidance and support, which help students in developing required skills for JEE or NEET. A student after class 10th board exam hardly get time of 14-16 months for JEE preparation, and it’s nearly impossible to cover up the syllabus of JEE in such short notice. Naturally if a student will get the Target JEE course from class VIII, this will help a lot in the preparation with the further exams like JEE etc. This course helps students also in development of IQ, logical and analytical thinking as well. Aims institute is a leading coaching institute, which take care of all the requirements of students in this foundation course. Aims is a teachers’ organization that provides extraordinary coaching services to students that make their journey easier towards the success. This institute is quite different from any other institutes as they don’t hire faculties from market and the faculty quality is outstanding in Aims. Besides classroom coaching, distance learning program and online coaching program Aims provide Foundation coaching that is the most attractive part of this institute.

In Aims the faculties understand students’ requirements. That’s why the students’ get the facility of Foundation course from class VIII as it’s the basic stage to get the primitive idea about the JEE or NEET. Aims provide Foundation course for class VII, VIII, IX & X for CBSE, ICSE boards and West Bengal board as well. The course duration is for 12 months. The teachers teach majorly science with targeting class X board exam. The faculties guide and emphasize on the basic elements in Foundation course. The students can be familiar gradually with the advanced topics like atomic, molecular, modern physics, elementary particles and the fundamental forces, nuclear physics, mathematical number system, algebra, coordinate geometry, statistics and probability, chemical reactions, acids, bases and salts, periodic classification of chemical elements, world of living, biological evolution and heredity etc. The teachers will teach the students about how many of these seemingly esoteric topics touch on their everyday life. After this foundation coursework students’ view towards world will be change in a drastic way. In Aims there also will be such opportunities for students to receive individual attention and deepen their understanding towards the course substance. The faculties always emphasize on students’ improvement and they teach students in a very cooperative manner.

In Aims there are a bunch of highly experienced faculties who teaches with their experience and 100% accuracy. They provide also extra classes beyond their scheduled allotted classes for students’ betterment. Moreover there are some other reasons that make Aims more acceptable for students such; small batch system, real like mock tests, doubt clearing classes, free demo classes, reasonable fees for courses etc.

The GATE, CAT exams has already been online, and there is highly possibility of online competitive exams like JEE and NEET, as NTA has decided to take JEE and NEET exams online in upcoming years. So the online mock tests help students a lot for their preparation. Aims provide the real like mock tests through online that help students in a huge way as this help them to get idea about the JEE or NEET exam pattern and format as well. The foundation course totally helps a student to get the preparation in more prominent way.

So ultimately it’s cleared why a student must choose Aims for foundation course. The teaching methodology and advantages are extraordinarily excellent that make Aims seems to be the best coaching institute for Foundation course.

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