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Best CBSE Coaching Class In Kolkata

Best CBSE coaching class in Kolkata

Top CBSE Coaching Institute in Kolkata

Nowadays coaching centers or tuition centers are running in parallel with schools. In this increasing competition among students there is a need or craze in parents to groom their child for more improvement and better result, as everyone want to be best. For CBSE board students also coaching center is a big necessity. As every child performs differently, they have different hues and mental caliber. While some students can give excellent academic performance, some others have to really struggle to get good marks. That’s why every student needs coaching institute or coaching class that will groom students with extra attention in a healthy atmosphere and in a cooperative way obviously. So, a student must have to know about the appropriate CBSE coaching center that will help him/her to do better in the academic field.

Necessity of coaching classes for CBSE students-

There are a bunch of reasons for that a student must get a coaching class;

  • In coaching class students can get extra attention as the teachers give attention individually to each student that is really not possible in school as the students’ amount is huge there.
  • Coaching class help students to explore new learning pattern.
  • Faculties explain everything more clearly and deeply to students that is not possible in schools.
  • Coaching classes help students in overcoming the difficulties faced while grasping the concepts that are being taught as a part of the education.
  • Coaching classes can be considered as a secondary solution of poor teaching in schools.
  • Tuition classes help students to build confidence.

Best CBSE coaching class in Kolkata-

When it’s about an appropriate coaching class the only name is Aims, as it’s a highly leading institute for CBSE coaching. This institute is located in Barrackpore. The characteristics makes of this institute makes it really extra ordinary. Aims provide coaching classes for class VII-X (Junior section) and for class XI-XII (Senior section).

Basic feature of the junior section-

Aims arrange coaching class for CBSE board students of class VII-X. The basic features of this junior section are;

Premium faculty quality- In Aims the faculty quality is really phenomenal. Being a teachers’ association Aims provide the best quality faculty who are highly experienced about 15-20 years in this field. Aims provide the best quality faculties of Kolkata.

Concept building class- The faculties help students in building clear concepts in science subjects and mathematics to help them to do better in exam. These classes also help students to grow their interests in science subjects that really help them in further studies.

Monthly test process- To check students’ progress or improvement the faculties arrange monthly classroom tests to determine students’ progress.

Doubt clearing class- In Aims the faculties also arrange doubt clearing classes for students beyond their allotted scheduled classes. This doubt clearing classes help weak students to do better in their study and they can share their problems to teachers without any hesitation.

Foundation course- As per in present time most of the students choose engineering or medical field as their future aim this institute also provides foundation class from class VII. This foundations course helps students who are interested in JEE and NEET. As students get hardly 14-16 months to cover up the huge syllabus of JEE or NEET it becomes nearly impossible for them to crack JEE or NEET in one attempt with good ranking. So foundation course help students a lot to start their preparation from early for JEE or NEET.

Online mock tests- Aims provide online mock tests to students that help them to be habituated with the online exam environment, so that students can do better in exam with any hesitation or nervousness.

Common question paper- The faculties cover all the chapters and points that is necessary for the exam. So students get up to 100% common questions in the final exams that also help them to score better.

Real like mock tests- Aims provide real like mock tests both in online and offline mode to students so that they can be familiar with the real board exam pattern. This real like mock test series help students to do better in exam and enhance their confidence.

Basic features for senior section-

Senior section includes class XI and XII. The features that are provided by Aims for CBSE students of class XI & XII are;

Prepare students for JEE/NEET/AIIMS- The faculties prepare students from class XI for JEE/NEET/AIIMS exams. As these exams are so tough and contain a huge syllabus, students need advanced preparation.

Separate JEE & NEET class- A student of class XI or XII will get separate JEE and NEET class as per his/her choice. These separate classes will help students to get preparation for NEE and JEE without any misunderstanding as the both exam syllabus is different.

High quality faculty- As before said Aims provide best quality faculty of Kolkata who help students to do excel in their academic field.

Real like mock tests- Aims provide real like mock tests for students of class XI & XII that help students to be habituated with the final board exam and enhance their chances to do better in board exams.

Moreover the faculties of Aims provide doubt clearing classes for students of class XI & XII. This doubt clearing class help students to improve more, they can share their problems to teachers without any hesitation and teachers help each student’s with attention and care.

Besides checking each student’s classroom response and activity the faculties arrange monthly test to determine students’ progress. The faculties cover up the all syllabus so that students can get 100% common question for board exams. Except all these facilities, students also get library and laboratory facility also in their need.

Last but not the least low cost charge is an also attractive feature of this institute. Aims charge at least one forth than other institutes. So students from all background can get chance to improve their future here in Aims.

So, these features clearly indicate that Aims provide the best classroom coaching for CBSE board students of class VII-XII and Aims institute is also determined to ensure students betterment and prepare them to excel in academic field. The address of this institute is 58/30 S.N Banerjee Road, Barrackpore, Kolkata-700120, opposite of Great Eastern Trading Co. Visit to get more information.

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  1. my son studied in Aims for CBSE board ( class ix)preparation as well as Foundation course, all faculty are very good. thanks Diya for such informative post

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