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Best ICSE Coaching Class In Kolkata

Best ICSE coaching class in Kolkata

Best ICSE ( Class VII to Class X) coaching class in Kolkata

In present time a school is not enough to give student a secured successful future. So in that place coaching classes has a great influence on students’ life as beside school, coaching classes help students to prepare from the core and ensures a student’s success in academic field. For the huge student teacher ratio, the teachers can’t attend every student equally in school and that’s really getting a trouble for a student. The ICSE board syllabus is really tough and huge so a student must get a coaching class to get better results.

Benefits of coaching institute for ICSE board students-

The coaching class is beneficial to every student as they always student’ chances to do better in academy. The benefits of coaching classes are;

  • Whereas the school teachers don’t cover up the chapters thoroughly in coaching institutes the teachers cover up each chapters thoroughly.
  • In coaching classes each student can get individual attention of the teachers.
  • School teacher Focus on only school examination,but coaching institute focus on basic improvement of base
  • Coaching institutes help students to enhance their interest in study and also grow their confidence and IQ.
  • Coaching classes help students to be familiar with the organized learning process.
  • Coaching classes enhance reinforced learning as the same concept is taught in two places, both in school and coaching institute.

Best coaching class for ICSE board students in Kolkata-

It’s the most vital matter to choose the proper coaching institute that provides coaching in the best way. There are a lot of coaching institutes which provide coaching classes for ICSE board students. But all are not same by quality or features. In Kolkata the most leading coaching institute for ICSE board student is Aims. This institute is located in Barrackpore. Aims basically provide coaching for students of class VII-X. Aims charge one fourth than other institutes for classroom coaching, that’s an enough reasonable budget for all students from any background.

Aims introduce ICSE students with the major science subjects to target class X board exams. The faculties emphasize with simple and easy approach for conceptual development of science subjects. In Aims students will be familiar with advanced topics like atomic, molecular, modern physics, elementary particles and the fundamental forces, nuclear physics, mathematical number system, algebra, coordinate geometry, statistics and probability, chemical reactions, acids, bases and salts, periodic classification of chemical elements, biological evolution and heredity etc.

 Basic features of Aims-

The basic features and teaching methodology is the most fascinating part of this institute. Aims ensure students’ progress and success in academic field. The features that make this institute phenomenal are;

High quality faculty- Aims is basically a teachers’ organization. So, undoubtedly the faculty quality is outstanding. Aims provide the best quality faculty and they are highly efficient. The faculties are 15-20 years’ experienced in their professional field. The best quality faculties of Kolkata are provided by Aims, who help students to get success.

Concept building classes- Aims provide basic concept building classes for science subjects and mathematics as these subjects are concept oriented. Students can get their concepts clear about science and mathematics that enhance their progress. This concept building classes enhance students’ interests in science subjects and mathematics.

Monthly test series- Besides checking students’ classroom response the faculties arrange monthly test series for students to check their progress. It helps students to realize about their position among the huge competition and enhance their determination for doing better.

Doubt clearing classes- Students get doubt clearing classes so that they can improve themselves. The faculties organize one by one doubt clearing classes so that students can share their all doubts with the teachers and the teachers solve their problems in proper way.

Online mock tests- In Aims the faculties organize online mock tests for students so that they can be familiar with the online exam environment. It helps students to do better in the final exam without any nervousness or misconception.

Unique teaching methodology- The faculties of Aims provide unique teaching methodology that help students to understand everything heartedly and to get satisfying marks in exam. As the teachers cover up the whole syllabus in detail so students get 100% common questions in exam that increase their chances more of scoring better.

Real like mock test- The faculties provide real like mock tests in classroom coaching for ICSE board students on monthly basis. This test series help students to get idea about the real ambience and pattern of the final exam. This real like mock tests enhance students’ chances to get better result.

Foundation Course- Aims provide foundation course for students who are interested for engineering or medical course. Students get hardly time of 14-16 months after class 10th board exam and this is not enough time for JEE or NEET preparation. It’s nearly impossible to cover up the huge syllabus in such short time period. Foundation course is the only way that helps students to get advance preparation for JEE and NEET. The faculties provide foundation course for ICSE students from class VIII as it’s the basic stage to get the primary idea about NEET or JEE. Aims provide foundation course for class VII, VIII, IX & X for ICSE boards in duration of 12 months.

From this overall view Aims institute is considered as the best coaching institute for ICSE board students, that provides the extra ordinary coaching class. Visit for detail information. Aims institute is located on 58/30 S.N Banerjee Road, Barrackpore, Kolkata-700120, opposite of great eastern trading co.

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