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Pradip Burman – The Pillar of Project Sanjeevani

You will not find a person, who has not heard of the name Dabur. The name reflects trust and competence that has been dominating the market for a long period of time. There are numerous products in the market under the brand that have proved its worth in various genres. A subsidiary group of Dabur India Ltd was founded by Mr. Pradip Burman in the name of Dabur Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Pradip Burman Sanjeevani

Mr. Pradip Burman is also the Chairman of Sanat Products Ltd., which is a pharmaceutical company flourishing on the platform of innovation. It is also engaged in the manufacture of the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, herbal extracts, and cosmeceuticals. He is also the Chairman of Ayurvet Ltd. that produces safe and herbal products for animal care.

Mr. Burman is also the man behind the Mobius Foundation that was founded in 2015. He is the Chairman of this firm that has the aim to work for the sustainability of the environment. This foundation works towards the welfare of the environment and believes in securing a safe and healthy future through proper steps. In fact, it is working to make the planet greener, which is the key to achieving a better future. In order to reach the goal, the foundation is spreading various awareness programs across the country that has been successful in changing the focus of the young generation.

Now, it has planned to plant none less than 5000 saplings in the districts of Sonipat and Panipat of Haryana over 3 months to materialize the vision of the organization. This project is named Project Sanjeevani, which has committed to building greener Haryana with a positive initiative of planting saplings. The collaboration of NGO SATHI and Mobius Foundation has led to the successful launch of the project on the World Environment Day.

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  1. I have been following NGO Sathi & Mobius Foundation for a very long time and I am really proud that both of them are coming together for this plantation project “Sanjeevani Project”. Planting 5000 saplings is really an impressive initiative by Mr. Pradip Burman. Great man, great work. Keep doing!

  2. It’s really great to see such an influential man working towards the betterment of the rural areas and making them greener. Thank you for such hard work and I believe everyone should take inspiration from him and start contributing towards a better future.

  3. Mr. Pradip Burman is an excellent Business Man. I am inspired by his leadership qualities and philanthropy as well. He has taken care of his family business responsibilities so well and along with it he is continuously doing efforts to contribute to the welfare of our society and the environment we live in.

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