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Best Wedding Planning Company In Kolkata

Best Wedding Planning Company In Kolkata

Top Event Organizer/Wedding Planner in Kolkata

From the ancient time period the relation of marriage has been worshiped. In ancient times wedding was a just a holy ritual of bonding between two people. But in this 21st century the real meaning and overall view of a wedding has really changed. But in this era the whole picture of wedding has changed. It is a dream momentum for any bride or groom. As wedding is not only a bonding between two people it’s also between two families two rituals different cultures. A marriage is an amalgamation of emotions, merriments and lots of expectations. Wedding is undoubtedly the most precious moment in everyone’s life that happens once in a life time, which must have to be a grand and memorable.

Though in previous times wedding had been arranged in a home like attire, but in present time everyone wants to make the marriage special and memorable not only to him/her but also to their all near and dear ones. In this perspective a wedding planning company has really a great role to get a dream like wedding. They not only take the responsibility but also they conduct the whole marriage ceremony. Like arranging the ritual functions to receptions a wedding planning company literary deals the whole.

As Kolkata is the city of many different religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, etc. So naturally there are many different kinds of wedding styles as per their rituals and customs. A Bengali wedding has lots of rituals like; Adan Pradan, Ashirvad, Aiburo bhaat, Dadhi mangal, Holud kota, sankha porano, Bor boron, Saat paak, etc.

In Kolkata wedding planning companies also organize Muslim wedding ceremonies that includes also many rituals and customs; Salatul Ishtikara, Imam Zamin, Mangni, Manjha, Mehendi, Sanchaq, Baraat, Nikah etc.

A Sikh wedding includes Roka and Thaka, Mahendi, Sehra Bandi, Soorma and kalgi, Baraat, Milni, Anand Karaj, Lavaan Pheras, Anand Sahib, Wedding Lunch etc.

Wedding planners of Kolkata also organizes Parsi weddings. A Parsi wedding includes Arrival of the couple, Achoo Michoo, Var  Behendoo, Ara Antar, Haathevaro and Chero Bandhvanu, Marriage Ceremony, Lighting the spiritual flame, Payvand-e-Zanshooi etc.

Wedding is an amalgamation of lots of rituals, emotions as per different religions or castes. So this is a huge responsibility to conduct a wedding with this all rituals. A wedding planner’s job is to conduct the whole marriage ceremony from this all rituals to wedding. To make a wedding special, in Kolkata there are lots of wedding management companies. But among them just need to find out the best marriage planning company that will make a simple wedding to a dream like grand wedding.

99 Marriage Guru

In Kolkata there are lots of Bengali wedding planning companies. Amongst them, 99 Marriage Guru is one of the highly leading Bengali wedding planning companies in Kolkata. This is a world class platform to provide superior matchmaking service. 99 Marriage Guru not only find their clients’ perfect match but also provide the whole wedding management services. 99 Marriage Guru provides such unbeatable services that are hardly found in any other wedding portal. This wedding company not only organizes wedding ceremonies but also this is a well known event management company in Kolkata. Whereas in Kolkata other wedding planners charge a huge amount for organizing a wedding, 99 Marriage Guru organizes low budget wedding. 99 Marriage Guru not only helps to find the perfect match to their clients but also provides all the wedding planning services to their customers. Budget making, venue booking, catering, entertainment, wedding invitation, hospitality and guest management, grooming, photography, everything is provided by 99 Marriage Guru that make this company really exceptional from other wedding portals.


Budget Making- As wedding is a grand ceremony, it’s about lots of preparations and money. In present time it’s really hard to get a low budget grand wedding ceremony. 99 Marriage Guru is a well known wedding planning company of Kolkata, provides low budget wedding as per their clients’ requirements. 99 Marriage Guru organizes very minimum budget wedding ceremony.

Venue Booking- Venue booking is also included in this wedding planning company’s services. 99 Marriage Guru helps to select the best venue as per their clients’ preference in minimum budget.

Catering As food is an important part in any event, to make that memorable. 99 Marriage Guru organizes the whole catering service including menu planning, suggesting caterers, creating signature dishes and beverages that must gather everyone’s praise for sure.

Entertainment- 99 Marriage Guru organizes all the entertainments for guests. They organizes DJ, functions etc to make the wedding enjoyable and memorable as well.

Hospitality and guest management- From inviting guests to take care of guests 99 Marriage Guru, deals with the total hospitality and guest management with utmost care and responsibility.

Grooming- The makeup, hair styling and overall grooming is included in this service. 99 Marriage Guru provides this service in a low budget package, making the bride and groom centre of attraction to everyone.

Wedding Photography- 99 Marriage Guru provides the premium quality photography service to their clients. As wedding is a precious moment, everyone wants to get the best momentum. 99 Marriage Guru provides the most experienced photographers who give the best photography and cinematic videography as well.

99 Marriage Guru is the ultimate destination for wedding as this is the best wedding planner company in Kolkata. 99 Marriage Guru is a low budget wedding planning company, which charges reasonable budget for wedding planning. 99 Marriage Guru is undoubtedly the best wedding planning company in Kolkata as they provide every services in one umbrella that make the occasion of wedding more precious. In Kolkata 99 Marriage Guru is the most preferable wedding planning company for every religion wedding and events as well. 99 Marriage Guru is the most reliable Bengali wedding planning company in Kolkata, besides they also organize other community weddings like Muslim weddings, Sikh,Parsi weddings etc. So undoubtedly 99 Marriage Guru is the best wedding planning and event management company in Kolkata, West Bengal. for more details call 8017777760 or 919051226666

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