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Top Five Matrimonial websites For Tamil

When it’s about a Tamil wedding ceremony, the vibes of the wedding is always superior. The feeling is like to stepping in a royal affair. Tamil weddings are collation of the use of gold, red hues and so many rituals. The use of red and saffron color to enhance the richness in the decoration is one of the unique features of a Tamil wedding. These two colors are symbol of purity and sensuality. Tamil weddings are based on the sacred book of Hinduism that is the Veda.

A Tamil wedding includes lots of rituals like; Nakshatra Porutham, Marriage Agreement, Panda Kaal Muhurtham, Sumangali Prarathaani, Mangala Snanam, Gauri Puja, Kashi Yathra, Pada Puja, Maalaimaatral, Oonjal, Kanyadanam, Muhurtham, Saptapadi etc. Tamil wedding ceremony itself is a huge process. After the bride and groom walk in, the priest does a Ganesh Puja. Married woman, who know the bride and groom accompany the priest in this Ganesh Puja. After that the couple’s parents and the priest bless the couple with a thali and then the bride changes into the second sari. At this point, the groom ties the thali around the bride’s neck. This ritual signifies the official marriage. After that the couple walks around a holy fire, three times and then they get blessings of their parents and guests.

Top Five Tamil Matrimony Websites

Tamil wedding ceremony is undoubtedly huge enough, so there are lots of responsibilities too. Too ensure a great grand wedding there are many Tamil matrimony websites to handle the whole responsibility with care. Here are the top five matrimonial websites for Tamil wedding;

  • Tamil Matrimony   Tamil Matrimony is a branch of India’s one of the oldest matrimony websites, Bharat Matrimony. This website is preferable for Tamil weddings. This wedding portal provides assisted and elite matrimony services too. There are 1000+ verified profiles on this website. Bharat Matrimony also provides other services like Venue booking, catering, wedding photography, mandap, cards, guest management, grooming etc. Still this site has some negative points too. Like the charge is enough high to afford for everyone and there are also many fake profiles that may be annoying. Otherwise this website is a well known site for Tamil wedding. For further details visit
  • 99 Marriage Guru–   99 Marriage Guru is one of the most reliable and leading matrimonial websites of India. This website provides their services through the whole countrywide. This website understands the sentiments and rituals of every religion and caste. They play a great role to find the perfect match for bride and grooms. The best part of this matrimonial website is the online service. There are thousands of verified Tamil profiles. In online service the bride and grooms will get privacy settings also to secure their profiles. A professional relationship manager will be provided in the assisted service, who will take the whole responsibility, from finding the perfect match to the wedding date finalize everything. Moreover many other services will also be provided by 99 Marriage Guru, like budget making, venue booking, guest management, catering, entertainment, grooming, photography and videography etc and all 99 Marriage Guru provides all these services in a cheapest price package. Pre marriage investigation is also provided by 99 Marriage Guru. AS 99 Marriage Guru understands all the rituals and sentiments this is the ultimate destination for Tamil wedding. A Tamil wedding is a perfect amalgamation of many rituals and emotions and 99 Marriage Guru, handles the whole wedding attire with care and responsibility. Bride and grooms will find all services under one umbrella that will be beneficial for them. Moreover people will get 15 days of free membership on this website. For further details visit
  • Tamil   Tamil Shaadi is an exclusive matrimonial website for Tamils with thousands of Tamil matrimony profiles. It is a part of which is one of India’s well known brands and one of the oldest matrimonial portals of India. The objective of this website is to help people to find happiness with their perfect soul mate. This matrimonial website has touched many Tamil bride and grooms’ lives. Elite matrimony, assisted matrimony, wedding planning are included in their services. But there are lots of ads on this website which also may be disturbing and moreover the service charges are not so affordable on Tamil Visit
  • for further information.
  • is one of the most reliable matrimonial websites for Tamils. There are lots of trusted profiles on this website. Bride and grooms can find their perfect match as per caste and sub caste divisions. This has been considered as Tamilnadu’s one of the most trusted website for Tamil wedding. For further details visit
  • is another genuine website for Tamils. Tamils brides and grooms can find their desired partner for lifetime on this website. With is has been easier to find perfect match for bride and grooms. For further details visit




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