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Top Five Matrimonial Websites For Telugu

Telugu wedding ceremony is a traditional wedding ceremony of the Telugu religion in India. In 19th century, these wedding ceremonies would last up to sixteen days. But in modern times, the wedding is about for two or some more days including the rituals. It depends on the bride and grooms’ family’s financial or social status. In Telugu religion the wedding rituals and customs may differ according to different casts. Like the upper castes engage the Brahmin to perform their ceremonies but in lower casts there is no necessity of engaging Brahmins. The wedding is considered as the most pure and strongest bond of society and it is said that it merge two souls spiritually, opening the doors to gruhastaashramam (household life). In Telugu culture marriage is considered to be a family union, not an individual formality.

The wedding ceremony is held under a Kalyana Mandapam or wedding fleece, which is decorated with fresh flowers. The Nasasvaram or shehnai is a significant instrument of a Telugu wedding. A Telugu wedding is repaid by seven commitments made by the bride and groom and it begins when the couple has completed seven circular movements around the holy fire. It signifies that the bride and groom are united in the presence of five essential elements of life; Bhumi (earth), Akaasham (sky), Agni (fire), Neeru (water), and Vaayuvu (air).

A Telugu wedding is an amalgamation of lots of rituals and sentiments. Pre wedding rituals; Muhurtam, Pendikoothuru, Snathakam, Kashi Yatra, Wedding rituals; Mangala Snanam, Aarti, Ganesh and Gauri Puja, Bride’s entry, Jeerakalla-Bellamu, Kanyadaan, Madhuparkam, Mangalsutra ritual, Talambralu, Kanyadaan Akshata, Saptapadi and Sthaalipaakam, Appagintalu. Still these rituals may differ by different Telugu communities.

Top 5 Telugu wedding websites-

As Telugu wedding is an amalgamation of lots of rituals and sacredness the wedding ceremony should to be pure and must be done with sincerity and responsibility. Though there are lots of matrimonial websites still they all differ from each other for their services and features. Here are the top five matrimonial websites that are relevant for Telugu wedding. There are thousands of genuine and trusted profiles on these websites from Telugu community. These five websites must be preferable for finding Telugu bride or grooms. Here all about the top five websites for Telugu wedding;

Telugu Matrimony- Bharat Matrimony is one of the most reliable matrimonial websites of India. This website has lots of streams for all religions. Telugu Matrimony is an appropriate website for Telugu religion. Telugu Matrimony is an initiative of Bharat Matrimony. This website is mainly popular in Andhra Pradesh. There are lots of trusted Telugu profiles on this website by caste and sub castes. Over the years this website has helped many Telugu couple, across different communities like Reddy, Kamma, Kapu etc. There is classic, classic advantage, classic premium membership on this website. But the service charges are enough high on this website and all the profiles are not genuine. The provided services of Telugu Matrimony are;

  1. Assisted matrimony service,
  2. Elite service matrimony service,
  3. Matrimony photograph,
  4. Matrimony bazaar,
  5. Matrimony mandap.

For further details visit

99 Marriage Guru- This website provides all the incredible services under one umbrella. 99 Marriage Guru helps to find the perfect match as per their customers’ preference. Telugu wedding is a matter of sacred rituals. This website is one of the most recognized and fastest growing websites of India. This website is preferable for Telugu weddings as they understand all the Telugu rituals and sentiments so well. They arrange all the rituals with responsibility and care. The profiles are genuine on this website and this website maintains advance security features to keep their customers’ privacy confidential. 99 Marriage Guru provides all their services in a minimum budget package. This website also provides some other services too like; assisted matrimony, elite matrimony, pre wedding investigation and horoscope match etc. The best service provided by 99 Marriage Guru is the online service. Customers will get free registration for 15 days on 99 Marriage Guru. They provide online service in a minimum price package. That is why 99 Marriage Guru is undoubtedly a well considered matrimonial website for Telugu. The provided services of 99 Marriage Guru are;

  1. Online matrimony service,
  2. Budget fixing,
  3. Venue booking,
  4. Catering,
  5. Entertainment,
  6. Guest management and hospitality,
  7. Makeup and hair style,
  8. Photography and videography.

For further details visit

Telugu is another well known matrimonial website for Telugu weddings. The objective of this website is to bring peace and happiness through marriage. Telugu is the branch of for Telugu Marriage purpose. There are thousands of Telugu profiles on this website, based out of all major cities like Bangalore, Visakhapatnam, Godavari etc. Reddy, Kamma, Kapu, Arya are the biggest Telugu communities among the Telugu profiles on this website. The provided services of this website are;

  1. VIP shaadi, and
  2. Select shaadi.

For further details visit

Kalyan This website was launched by the Kalyan jewelers’ group. This website is also a preferable website for Telugu wedding. There are thousands of trusted profiles of Telugu brides and grooms. There are lots of profiles according to all Telugu castes and sub castes. The features of this website are;

  1. Privacy maintain of the customers by keeping the accounts private and secured,
  2. Use of most friendly and user friendly technology,
  3. Advanced verification process and
  4. Intelligent matchmaking service.

Visit for further information.

Sri Sankara Matrimony- This website is the brain child of Kamadhenu Telefilms. This is another preferable website for Telugu weddings. This website has its registered office from 19th June, 2007 in Bangalore and regional office in Chennai. This website provides matrimonial accounts based on different Telugu communities and different cities. The provided services of this website are;

  1. Mega matrimony meet,
  2. Mega walk in drive,
  3. Wedding directory,
  4. Astrology services,
  5. Door step services.

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