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Top five matrimonial websites for Oriya

Top five matrimonial websites for Oriya

Odisha is the land of lord Jagannath, the land of purity and enriched with divinity and eternity. When it’s about an Oriya wedding the whole journey starts with sacredness and blessings of God. An Oriya wedding is known for their non extravagant, yet elegant styles. Oriya wedding or bahaghara is a wedding ceremony the Oriya Hindu religion in the Indian state of Odisha. The Oriya wedding includes a bunch of rituals and it may differ by different castes. Normally in Oriya community wedding is mostly fixed by parents. In Oriya wedding the bride and grooms’ mother does not take part in the ceremony. The Utkata Brahmins arrange their wedding ceremony only in the day time, mid day or in morning, whereas other castes arrange the ceremony during the evening or in night. The first invitation is sent to the lord Jagannath to start the most important journey of life with purity and blessings. The next custom in Oriya wedding is to send betel nuts to family friends for inviting them for the wedding purpose.

Odisha is the state of great biodiversity, copiousness of nature, architecturally beautiful temples and simplicity. This simplicity reflects in the wedding rituals as well. Among variegated rituals, the Oriya wedding itself is simple and shows age old traditions and value to Odisha. The wedding happens with three major rituals; Nirbandha that is the fixing the marriage, Bahaghara that is the wedding, and Chaturthi that is the consummation. These rituals are performed at the bride’s house or in the bridegroom’s residence. Except these three major rituals, an Oriya wedding is collation is many other rituals too. The rituals that make the wedding more special are;

Pre wedding rituals-  Nirbandh, Jayee Anukolo, Mangan, Jairagodo Anukolo, Diya Mangula Puja, Nandimukha, including in the pre wedding rituals.

Wedding rituals-  The wedding rituals are; Baarjaatri, Baadua Pani Gadhua, Kanyadaan, Hatha Granthi Fita, Saptapadi, Lajahoma, Sala Bidha, Sindoor Daan.

Post wedding rituals-  The post wedding rituals include; Kaduri Khela, Sasu Dahi-Pakhala Khia, Bahuna, Gruhaprabesha, Basara Raati, Asta Mangala.

Top five Oriya matrimonial website-

Though there are many wedding websites for Oriya in India, but still they all differ from each others in their particular features. Here are the most relevant Oriya websites that make Oriya wedding more attractive and special.

Oriya Matrimony- Oriya matrimony is a venture of Bharat matrimony. This website has the largest number of Oriya speaking community, which makes the search process easier for the bride or groom. This website has a vast range of profiles from various Oriya communities like Brahmin, Khandayat, Karana, Teli, Kshatriya, Yadav etc. Oriya matrimony provides such services for their customers like;

  • Assisted service,
  • Elite matrimony service,
  • Matrimony bazaar,
  • Matrimony mandaps and
  • Matrimony photography.

The service charges are a bit high on this website than other matrimonial websites. For further details visit

 99 Marriage Guru- 99 Marriage Guru is one of the fastest growing matrimonial websites in India. This website is genuine from every perspective for wedding purpose. There are thousands of Oriya profiles on this website by all castes and sub castes. Only genuine and advanced secured profiles can be found on this website. 99 Marriage Guru maintains a high privacy for their customers so that they can maintain customers’ details confidential. There is also image lock option in the privacy concern of this website. 99 Marriage Guru understands all the Oriya cultures and sentiments so well and arranges all the rituals like; Baarjaatri, Baadua Pani Gadhua, Kanyadaan, Hatha Granthi Fita, Saptapadi, Lajahoma, Sala Bidha, Sindoor Daan in proper way along with the pre wedding and post wedding rituals. The best service of this website is the online matrimony service, where the first 15 days membership is absolutely free. Assisted matrimony and elite matrimony service also can be found in this website. 99 Marriage Guru provides all the incredible services under one umbrella. The best part of this website is they provide all services in a minimum budget package. The other provided services of 99 Marriage Guru are;

  • Venue booking,
  • Budget fixing,
  • Guests invitations and management,
  • Entertainment arrangements,
  • Catering,
  • Grooming of bride and groom,
  • Photography including cinematic photography and wedding movie,
  • Horoscope matching,
  • Pre marriage investigation.

For further details visit This website is another website for Oriya wedding. There are vast number of Oriya profiles by Oriya castes and sub castes on this website. This website has been trusted from 1996 for its provided services. Thousands of people have found their perfect life partner from this website. The objective of this website was to provide a superior matchmaking service to the customers. The provided services of this website are;

  • VIP shaadi,
  • Select shaadi,
  • Shaadi centers and
  • Wedding planning services.

For further details visit

IMarriages- This website was developed in 2006. The mission of this website was to satisfy their customers with great experience of searching their life partner. This wedding website follows the all pre wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals of the Oriya wedding. The provided features of this website are;

  • Free registration,
  • Free communication,
  • Privacy concern,
  • Photography,
  • Horoscope matching,
  • Advice column.

For further details visit

 Matrimonials This is another website for Oriya wedding purpose. This website has been in preference from the year of 1997 as they consider their customers as king. This website maintains the ethnic tradition of Oriya community. There are vast number of profiles of Oriya castes and sub castes. The motive of this website is to make the search process easier for their customers. There are lots of successful stories also from this website. The features of this website are;

  • Caste matrimony,
  • Community matrimony,
  • State matrimony and
  • City matrimony.

For further details visit













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