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What is The Best Offline Test Series for JEE Main & Advanced Or NEET in Kolkata?

What is The Best Offline Test Series for JEE Main & Advanced Or NEET in Kolkata?

When you prepare for JEE Main & Advanced  you must have measurement of your progress periodically. JEE advanced  is one of the most competitive  Examination in India, almost 13 to 14 lakhs student appeared in JEE main and for NEET the number of aspirant not less than 14 lakhes.  In this figure it is revealed that both two examination are highly competitive.

How I Start my preparation?

It is always recommended to start your preparation early. Early preparation always give you added advantage compare to others.

But the question is HOW?

This is the Big question. General simple study never give you success. I always recommend you join any good classroom program which always give you atmosphere and regularity of your JEE Or NEET preparation. Periodic examination measure your performance. But the students Rural area how to attain  regular class in Kolkata?

To solve this problem I recommend to join Test series through out the year.  Periodic test given you lots of confidence about your preparation.

Where I take my Test series?

I recommended you to join Aims offline test series one year or Two year Test series program.

Why Aims?

Aims offline test series program me divided in three part  test series, practice session & separate doubt clearing sessions

Test series is divided in two part

  1. Topic wise test
  2. Total test

Topic wise test help you to make your pillar of success. Question pattern in Topic wise test is divided is divided into easy, medium, hard and extremely difficult segment. Aims R&D team always prepare unique question for you. In Real examination you may get 60 to 70 percent from your known area but to solve for other 30 percent is really  challenge able. For others 30 percent you need lots of practice and confidence. Aims R&D segment always provide you unique question bank which help you to solve others 30 percent question.

Total test given you real exam like feelings. The total test series given you the real examination pattern question which build your confidence before Examination.

Revision & Doubt clearing class provide you to solve your doubt, quick solution and others doubt which is very helpful for increase your performance. Another advantage of Aims is flexi timing, which is highly adjustable to your school examination schedule.

For more Details call: 7003557150 or  Click here

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