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Heartthrob Rajkumar patra ‘The Model Guru and Bengali film actor’.

Rajkumar patra, Tollywood (bengali) model cum indipendent professional actor Screen name Raj, born 5 dec 1985 in bankura.
While he on the collage he start learning acting lessons training from a Institute of Kolkata. and the eventually can’t obtaining a B.A. degree. Initially,
While he was in kolkata, he struggled in Bengali film industry for deserve to doing movie as lead role in feature films but unsuccessfully break down. and work in small parts in
serial & Telefilm’s, He was started his career from 2009 with small budget
modeling photoshoot.
His first starting career from 2009 with several bengali serial/tv series in small roles, Did some modeling photoshoot & brand modeling.
Appears in Some low budget hit bengali music video such as Oh Sundori komola, Mon Bole in 2011.
Feature/short film’s such as Manab, Virtual girl, & appears in bengali film idiot, sudhu tomari, Aranye.
Raj has a big fan base and followers For this international looks give him so much indian & foreign fan base on his social media sites,.

apparently he is a now a inspiration for role models, sex symbol of fashion industry & for new comers,
And known & famous for his Long hairstyles, Considered as one of fashionable & stylish indian male.
his modeling photographs was published in many online sites, mags, product advertisements such as sunglasses, hair care, fitness & lifestyles, etc.
Raj with multi talented ability make him director and screenplay writer, & known as actor in tollywood.

Raj had founded an acting & modeling training institute at Small town in Jhargram ‘Golden life acting modeling’
as Glam Arts to teach students as acting teacher.
He is a multi talented Model star and actor keeping his walking continue as Manab the wayfarer to this competitive industry to reach to mountain.
And Maybe some day he will be another top star in tollywood bengali.

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