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When Bengali Stop Equating Fair Skin With Beauty?

When Bengali stop equating Fair skin with beauty?

The famous South Indian actress, Sai Pallavi rejected the 2 core deals with a renowned brand of a fairness beauty product. She said, “This is Indian colour. We can’t go to foreigners and ask them why they’re white, and if they know that they will get cancer because of it. We can’t look at them and think we want that. That’s their skin colour and this is ours. Africans have their own colour too and they are beautiful.” She also recounted a childhood incident where she had tricked her sister into eating vegetables by telling her that it would give her a fair complexion. She said, “I told her that if she wanted to become fair, she should eat fruits and vegetables. And she did… I felt very bad about that, the impact it had on a girl five years younger than me.”

But the question arise why and how long we evaluate a woman with her skin tone rather than her achievement?
We Bengali people not ready to accept dark beauty. We don’t accept Dark beauty at the time of marriage negotiation to film star. The company promote their fairness product as showing that being fair would guarantee a good job, a successful career and a lovable life partner irrespective of one’s gender. Unlike woman men also face this type of critic. Fair and beautiful lady looking for Fair groom also. That means that Fairness is the key criteria for getting everything in life. This may be some funny words for us, but bitter truths such as hard stereotypes still exist. In addition to the exploitation of the body, people are ashamed, this is a disrespectful act. Imagine when a man who is being judged on the basis of his voice or color, despite his achievements, seems unsteady. We are pursuing hundreds of ourselves by engaging in such activities.
You are so proud of him. Let’s not limit these words to our captions but actually apply them in our lives. Carry your skin color with the same attitude that you acquire and achieve your degree; If someone advises to be fair, then their justification asks what they have achieved.

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