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WE Need To Reduce The Global Warming

WE need to reduce the global warming

Hi guys, this is Priyanshu Raj. I am here to talk to you about reducing the effects of global warming. However, it is not completely possible to stop it fully. First of all, I want to explain to you what global warming is.

Global Warming

Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide (CO2) and other air pollutants and greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar radiation that have bounced off the earth’s surface. Nowadays, it is a major concern for India as well as the rest of the world. So, what are its effects and how can we reduce it?

What Are The Effects Of Global Warming?

We can say that through global warming, the Earth’s temperature is rising day by day through which the oceans are getting warmer, producing heat waves. Extreme weather is another effect of global warming.The melting of glaciers, snow and ice causes sea levels to rise, which erodes the coast and involves the destruction of many economic means of subsistence.

How Can We Reduce This?

As you already know, we humans are responsible for this. How, you ask? We use petrol and diesel, fuels which produce harmful gases like carbon dioxide or monoxide. This is dangerous for us as well as the environment because carbon dioxide spreads in the atmosphere and contains the sunlight and radiation due to which the Earth’s temperature rises. Humans also burn fossil fuel containing harmful gases and throw garbage outside instead of recycling.

Global warming is a term almost everyone is familiar with. But, its meaning is still not clear to most of us.

Global warming refers to a gradual rise in the overall temperature of the atmosphere of the Earth. This happens due to internal and external activities. Humans are the main factor of this cause.

Due to us, global warming is increasing gradually and is responsible for glaciers melting. It is quite challenging to control global warming.

It is extremely harmful to the earth as well as humans. The causes of global warming are:

  • There are mainly two causes, i.e. natural and man-made.
  • The natural causes include the release of greenhouse gases which are not able to escape from the earth, causing temperatures to increase.
  • Some activities done by humans like mining and cattle rearing are very harmful to the environment.
  • Another common reason is deforestation.
  • Volcanic eruptions are also responsible for global warming. These eruptions release tons of carbon dioxide which contribute to global warming. Apart from carbon dioxide, methane is one of the most harmful gases.

Excessive use of automobiles and burning of fossil fuels done by humans produce excessive carbon dioxide.

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