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Is India Is Moving On Barbarian Era?

Is India is moving on Barbarian era?

Hyderabad Encounter or Murder

All charged people for rape case was killed by police encounter in last night at nearly 3.30 am, this news was boomed social media and all news channel, entire nation celebrate like Independence day, but a question rise in my mind

1.Why police choose time for remake incident at 3.30 am?

2. Is it a pre-planned game?

3.police have any right to murder?

Yes I use the word murder. Let me explain, last 3 to 4 day a huge pressure create in Social media about ineffectiveness of our judicial system and government. Especially when our country is suffering inflation and unemployment, it is the simple to prove the effectiveness of government to redirect vision. Don’t think I write this article in favor of rapist, but their crime is not proved on court this is under our judiciary system. This incident is pre planned game for redirect our vision.

It is very dangerous sign when police take power in hand. This incident clearly disobeys of our constitution.

Right to Murder?

Our society is gradually moves on Barbarian age which will be very dangerous sign in near future. Especially India is such country where morality and education is less in our politician and most of the people in society. Our judiciary system is not out off question also, in the case of Unnao rape case victim’s death also rise question on our Judiciary system. So a question may rise “Is India moving on Barbarian era”

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