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One Day You Will Reach The Top : Story Of Love, Pain And Success

One Day You Will Reach The Top : Story Of Love, Pain And Success

Love is the most beautiful gift of God. Nothing is more valuable in this life than falling in love with someone, but it causes unbearable pain as well. It’s not easy for everyone to endure the pain of heartbreak.

After being separated from their true love, many youngsters lose the hope of life. They either want to die, or detach themselves from the world. But they don’t know that destiny wants to take them somewhere else. A big success is awaiting them ahead. Writer Sekhar Shashank’s new novel One Day You Will Reach The Top has the same story line. Youngsters will easily relate to this novel because of its simple story. While reading the book many might picture themselves in place of the lead characters of this book.

The novel revolves around a university student named Rahul who is a poor boy. He falls in love with a beautiful and child-like innocent girl named Reema. The girl hails from a rich family and different caste.

Despite being a 21st century girl, Reema is very orthodox when it comes to love marriage. She is determined to get married with the boy chosen by her parents. Rahul somehow succeeds in securing a place in her heart, yet she never expresses her real feelings for him. But Reema keeps saying to Rahul that one day he will reach the top, become very successful.

One day Reema ties the knot with a boy her father chose for her. Rahul’s heart breaks into pieces. He boards a train to Haridwar with a group of saffron-clad sadhus. He wants to spend the rest of his life away from everyone and become a sadhu. But life had something better in store for him. In Haridwar, he bumps into a mysterious man who later becomes his guru. He tells Rahul the real purpose of his life and also helps him reach his final destiny. One day Rahul finds himself standing in front of the world’s highest mountain.

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