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Three Viruses Other Than Covid-19: Nepotism, Cronyism And Favouritism

Three Viruses other than Covid-19: Nepotism, cronyism and favouritism

Nepotism, cronyism and favouritism are the main causes of depression among youth nowadays. How can we say we are progressive if we don’t give opportunities to our youth to prove its worth?  Partiality in different fields like government jobs, private sector, schools, colleges, politics, film industry and sports is supressing the talent of the young generation who lose confidence and enthusiasm and gradually become the victim of depression. It is like a slow poison which kills a person day by day and he/she can’t help himself and sometimes problems become so serious that he or she even commits suicide.

Bollywood star Sushant Singh Rajput was trapped in such a situation and left us at the peak of his career. I was really shocked and surprised to hear this news. I couldn’t grasp the fact that due to the virus of nepotism a talented actor has lost his life. Who is responsible for this? You, me or somebody else? If anybody asks me what do you hate most, my answer will be the nepotism in different fields of life which is not acceptable at any cost. Even many people who are against these three viruses of nepotism, cronyism, and favouritism won’t lose a chance when they get the opportunity to misuse any of the above. Being selfish and money minded, such people cash the favourable circumstances for their own advantage.

Partiality in different fields and even in politics is really shameful and regressive. How can we fulfil our dreams of a shining India if we won’t give chance to our shining youths who are the pillar of economic growth?

I have seen many talented doctors, engineers and professors migrating to other countries because of not getting proper response in India according to their abilities. They use their knowledge and education for the benefit of other countries and we Indians lose our precious and valuable gems. We have no right to blame these young talented youth who get suffocated in the dirty atmosphere of sycophancy due to these three viruses and they don’t have any option left other than leaving their native land.

Governments will not take any major action against such politics of favouritism as it itself is involved in it deeply. How can we say India is free from the British rule, if we are adopting the same rules and regulations of treating someone as an inferior and the other as privileged and superior? What was the use of fighting for independence, if we can’t raise our voice against such unacceptable conditions that attacks the concept of a level playing field and propagates inequality, and don’t want any change in our system? In fact, who is ruling the country is not important but how is he/she ruling the country is more important.

The dream of a free India with ample opportunities for everyone can be fulfilled only when we are aware of our rights and raise voice against injustice. How can we say we are proud of our country where the talented youth is depressed and frustrated because of the humiliation they have to face when they are rejected due to these three viruses? After completing studies many highly qualified students often have to struggle a lot to achieve their goal in comparison to those who are not skilled, who get the job on behalf of the political affiliation or ideological inclination they adhere to and which suits their interviewer. It is a sad truth that even caste-based discrimination still plays a major role in giving jobs, especially in educational institutions.

What will be the future of India when our teachers are not competent enough? How can they fulfil the expectations or solve the curiosity of students if they don’t have proper knowledge of their subject? Job appointments on the basis of favouritism in colleges and universities is extremely harmful and effects the performance of students in different fields due to lack of knowledge. Who is at fault here? Our system is responsible for all this incapability of students who are forcefully taught by the incompetent teachers selected on the basis of cronyism. One of the major problems this causes is the absenteeism of teachers especially in government schools.

Giving jobs and other advantages only to your kith and kin, especially in politics and media is spreading like a pandemic disease which will be irreversible if it is not treated soon enough. Appointing ‘Cronies’ to positions of authority regardless of their qualification is destroying the dream of a progressive and shining India.

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