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Corona Virus Will Be Remembered As Poverty Virus In History

Corona Virus will be remembered as Poverty Virus in history

I think the Covid-19 virus will be renamed the ‘Poverty Virus’ in the books of history. The conditions of the poor have deteriorated further and the government has not taken serious action in favour of them. They are suffering from day to day due to bread and butter problems. And our government is busy wasting money to build ‘Ram Mandir’ and ignoring the issues of the underprivileged classes.

A poor man who is suffering from hunger is forced to pray to God about his adverse conditions. How can a man with an empty stomach concentrate his mind in prayer? PM Narendra Modi doesn’t understand or doesn’t want to understand the problems of the underprivileged classes.

I don’t know what the future of our country holds. If we manage to get rid of Covid-19 the problem of extreme poverty will still linger. Due to the lockdown many poor people have invested their nominal deposit funds to feed themselves. The future of our country is uncertain if their problems continue to be neglected.

What is the logic behind building the Ram Mandir when most low-income families are suffering from hunger and are dying due to malnutrition during the lockdown? Most financially sound people are recovering from Covid-19, but who cares for the poor who are dying due to starvation. In my opinion, the real reason behind closing small shops on the weekends is for the profit of big conglomerates like Big Bazaar, Grofers, etc. who can deliver their goods online and are not affected by the policy of the government.

It is challenging for migrant workers to arrange meals for themselves during the lockdown. I am shocked and surprised by the attitude of our government which has given priority to God more than his creation, i.e. humans who are dying due to this virus. I think God wouldn’t be so selfish and would look after his children like parents who sleep hungry to save money for their children to arrange food for the next day.

Instead of saving money in this economic crisis our government is fooling people and the corporate media is promoting the blind faith for Modi. He seems to be always right in his decisions, even if they prove to be wrong and not in favour of the ordinary people.

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