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The Struggle For Gender Equality

The Struggle for Gender Equality

It sounds funny when people say that men and women have equal rights nowadays. Ninety percent of men make a woman feel like an object or a commodity who is only valuable due to her beauty and figure. They won’t give importance to a woman who is intelligent but not attractive in her physical appearance. Because of their regressive mentality men believe that only they have the power of intellect and woman is like a puppet whom they can use according to their will and wish.

A man who is conservative is the biggest enemy of successful and independent woman. A wife who is more educated than her husband is victim of jealousy instead of appreciation. He won’t miss a chance to let her down in petty things. He can’t accept a wife who has more monthly income than him and creates such circumstances that she has to leave her high salaried job and bound to do the work which suits her spouse’s desire and satisfies his ego. She is not allowed to choose any profession at the cost of family responsibilities otherwise she is guilty even without committing a crime.

Why man is not responsible for household chores? Why doesn’t he share equal responsibilities when his wife is also an earning member of the family? On the contrary, sometimes the wife is forced to leave her career and she is convinced to do sacrifices to make the family happy at the cost of her ambitions. It is ridiculous to even talk about women liberation sometimes because it is not at all tolerable in our society.

A lot of women are also keen in just getting appreciated by a man about her looks rather than wisdom. She spends most of her time in improving her looks to make her man happy and she is also jealous of other women who are more beautiful and attractive. So, man is successful in his idea of divide and rule and woman is unknowingly trapped. It doesn’t mean I am criticizing a woman who is aware of her looks but she should not be focused only on physical appearance but must take keen interest in different fields to gain knowledge and prove her worth in this male dominated society where woman is considered as a product which is offered to a man to fulfill his desires. Unity among oppressed women is much needed and will play an important role to achieve the target of gender equality.

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