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Honour killing -An Assault on women autonomy

Love is not a crime but to kill a woman for the sake of ‘honour’ by her brother and other male members of the...

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Is This The End Of Joint Family In Indian Metros?

According to a latest survey it has been found that the concept of joint family has been almost demolished in metropolitan cities like Mumbai,...

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Corona Virus will be remembered as Poverty Virus in history

I think the Covid-19 virus will be renamed the ‘Poverty Virus’ in the books of history. The conditions of the poor have deteriorated further...

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The Struggle for Gender Equality

It sounds funny when people say that men and women have equal rights nowadays. Ninety percent of men make a woman feel like an...

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Three Viruses other than Covid-19: Nepotism, cronyism and favouritism

Nepotism, cronyism and favouritism are the main causes of depression among youth nowadays. How can we say we are progressive if we don’t give...

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