38th IACDE National Conference Discussed on Important Scientific Inventions in Oral Healthcare

Oral health has been overlooked for a very long time and many oral diseases like dental caries, periodontal diseases and oral cancer have high prevalence in India, which is a matter of enormous concern. Keeping this in mind, IACDE, a premium national organisation of Conservative Dentists and Endodontists of India, has organised 38th IACDE National Conference, a 4-day ongoing Conference with several Pre-Conference Courses specially crafted for the Student Delegates. Today, the 38th IACDE National Conference has been formally inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. C.V Ananda Bose, Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal. His Excellency was present today as the Chief Guest in the Inauguration Ceremony of the 4-days ongoing conference. Dr Sukanta Majumder, Hon’ble Member of Parliament and Dr Dibyendu Mazumder, President, Dental Council of India, were present as the Guests of Honour at Science City Convention Center & Complex, Kolkata.

More than 2000 participants from across the nation along with stalwart endodontists from all across the world came together to spread awareness on Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics with a special emphasis on successful regenerative Endodontic therapy. Sixteen National and eight International Speakers who are the best in their respective fields, are scheduled to conduct more than thirty scientific lectures, symposia, panel discussions and demonstrate various cutting edge technological advances in the field, during the course of the Conference.

The inaugural day of the conference focuses on the discussion on Direct adhesive technology for direct and Indirect restorations, Bio-Emulation – histo- anatomic analysis and dynamic light observation for anterior restorations, Crown root fractures-appropriate diagnosis appropriate, Dynamics of Advanced Restorations, The deep carious lesion-contemporary management along with the scope, opportunities and research avenues after MDS. Dr. Bart Van Meerbeek from Belgium, Dr Anil Kishen from Canada, Dr Paul Abbott from Australia were among the main speakers of the day.

Understanding cariogenic and endodontic biofilms, changing pattern of dental caries and its management, Current trends in endodontic microsurgery Endodontic microsurgery, Minimal Invasive techniques in cariology: milestone, Challenges in successful regeneration, Nanoparticles in endodontic infection, minimally invasive root canal treatments: Current evidence will be highlighted on next two days. Apart from scientific presentation by delegates, quiz contest & poster presentation are also scheduled there. Dental caries (tooth decay) remains one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in both children and adults, even though it is largely preventable.

Even if dental caries has set in, Conservative Dentistry is the answer to this disease rather than extraction of teeth, which comes with its own set of problems. In India 54.16% (CI: 0.4966-0.5866) of the population are suffering from dental caries. 62% of dental caries patients are above 18 years old, while 52% are between 3-18 years of age. The overall prevalence of dental caries has been observed to be higher in Western India (72%) followed by Northern India (57%), Central India (56%), and 51% in the Southern India. The lowest prevalence of dental caries, however, has been observed in Eastern India (36%).

While addressing the students & delegates Dr. Debasish Banerjee, Organising Secretary, IACDE Kolkata said, “it’s our immense pleasure that we have 16 National and 8 International Speakers, who are the best in their respective fields and it is an opportunity for the endodontics & the PG students to get the demonstration of various cutting edge technological advances in the field. The Post Graduate student delegates are also scheduled to present more than a thousand scientific papers in the Conference. All these endeavours for sharing and exchanging knowledge and ideas will go a very long way in the uplift of everyone involved. This, ultimately, will percolate to the patients suffering from dental diseases and, in turn, will help to alleviate dental pain of millions of patients all over the country. It is also hoped that this Conference will ignite the passion of questioning and that of research amongst the students and who knows, this Conference might sow the seed for the most important scientific invention of the next decade!”