A Celebration of Unity: Together in Pride Fosters Inclusivity in Kolkata

Candid Communication organized a Pride talk on the theme “Reflect, Empower, Unite!” at ibis Kolkata Rajarhat on 20th June. The exclusive event, titled ‘Together in Pride,’ was dedicated to honoring and uplifting the LGBTQ+ community and welcomed esteemed guests from the community.

“Together in Pride” aimed to create a safe, inclusive space where individuals from all walks of life could come together to celebrate diversity, promote equality, and foster a sense of belonging. The event featured a variety of activities, performances, art exhibitions, and panel discussions on topics relevant to the LGBTQ+ community.

Among the distinguished guests gracing the occasion were renowned dancer Sudarshan Chakraborty, designers Indroneel Mukherjee and Neelay Sengupta; RJ Arijit Mandal from Friends FM; and stylist Anupam Chatterjee. Adding to the esteemed presence, General Manager, ibis Kolkata Rajarhat, Ms. Amita Mishra, addressed the media and shared her insights on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the hospitality industry.
On the occasion, Sudarshan Chakraborty, a renowned dancer, added, “This event is a testament to the power of art and dance in bringing communities together and celebrating our shared humanity.”

Paromita Ghosh, Director of Candid Communication, remarked, “Our goal with ‘Together in Pride’ was to reflect on the past, empower the present, and unite for a better future. This event underscores our commitment to fostering a more inclusive community.”

Designer Indroneel Mukherjee expressed, “Fashion has always been about expressing individuality. Events like ‘Together in Pride’ inspire us to embrace and celebrate our unique identities.”
Stylist Anupam Chatterjee concluded, “Inclusivity in the fashion and beauty industry is not just a trend but a necessary change. Celebrations like these highlight the progress we are making.”

Designer Neelay Sengupta shared, “True inclusivity means celebrating all identities. ‘Together in Pride’ highlights the beauty and strength of diversity in our society.”

This gathering of accomplished individuals represented a blend of artistic excellence, cultural richness, and professional achievement. It served as a showcase of Kolkata’s vibrant creative community and their contributions to the fields of dance, design, media, fashion, and hospitality. This event not only highlights the importance of embracing diversity but also aims to inspire and empower individuals to take positive steps toward equality.