Actress Sohini Sarkar Launches Galaxy S24 Smartphone Series at Samsung Exclusive Cafe in Quest Mall

Samsung, India’s largest electronics company has announced the launch of another latest high-end smartphone Series – Samsung Galaxy S24 Series. Renowned Tollywood Actress Sohini Sarkar along with Mr. Sanjoy Tekriwal, Managing Director of Karuna Management Services Ltd. and Mr. Vishal Singal, Regional Manager, Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. East 1, were present at the launch of Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphones on 24th January at Samsung Exclusive Cafe in Quest Mall, Kolkata.

Sohini with Samsung”s new Galaxy S24 Model

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It’s an ocean of possibilities out there. And the key is in your pocket. The new Al powered #GalaxyS24Series is here. At the Galaxy Unpacked event, in addition to giving us a taste of Galaxy Al that promises next level performance out of Galaxy devices, Samsung unveiled the #GalaxyS24series, comprising the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and the powerful Galaxy S24 Ultra. We could write books about how the #GalaxyS24Series is going to revolutionise everything from your night photography to your productivity at your day job, but we’ll let you discover how and why here.

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