Desun Hospital Frames the Precious Father-Child Bond in Crayon & Color

Desun Hospital hosted a Father’s Day event on Saturday, ‘DesunKids Championship – Father’s Day Special.’ The highlight of the event was a drawing competition and some fun bonding activities that showcased the pure love and admiration toddlers have for their fathers. Desun also provided Health Privilege Cards to the ‘DesunKids Club’ members ie children who have participated in the event.

In a heartwarming tribute to fatherhood, Desun Hospital opened its doors to the purest expressions of love. The venue transformed into a canvas of affection as young hearts poured their admiration onto paper.

The competition featured over 100 participants, aged between 2 years to 17 years from various schools across Kolkata. These young artists poured their hearts into their drawings, reflecting their innocence and the deep affection they hold for their fathers. The artworks were a testament to the unique bond shared between a child and their father, capturing moments of joy, care, and companionship.

Shaoli Dutta, Director of Desun Hospital Group; Dr. Tapas Ray, Senior Consultant & HOD – General Medicine; along with consultants of the Desun Institute of Women and Children, Dr. Bichitrovanu Sarkar, Senior Paediatric Intensivist; Dr. Anirban Basu, Senior Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist; and Dr. Arijita Chatterjee, Consultant Paediatrician, graced the occasion with their esteemed presence. Additionally, principals and various staffs from different schools, along with other eminent personalities, were also present at the event.

Shaoli Dutta, Director of Desun Hospitals Group, was deeply moved by the children’s artwork. She stated, “Today we have witnessed the purest form of love through the strokes of these little artists. Each drawing was a window into a child’s heart, showing us how much they adore and look up to their fathers. At Desun Hospital, we believe in nurturing not just physical health, but also emotional well-being – a key motto of the newly inaugurated DesunKids Club.

The event reinforces the importance of strong family bonds in a child’s development. It’s heartening to see such young children express their feelings so beautifully, reminding us all of the irreplaceable role fathers play in shaping their children’s lives.”

The Father’s Day event at Desun Hospital was more than just a drawing competition; it was a celebration of the unbreakable bond between fathers and their children. Through this initiative, the hospital reaffirmed its commitment to holistic care, recognizing the significant impact of emotional health on overall well-being.

In this beautiful celebration, Desun Hospital reminded us that while a father’s work may often go unnoticed, it never goes unfelt. Through the eyes and art of children, they honored these everyday heroes, whose greatest masterpieces are not hung on walls, but are walking, laughing, and growing before our very eyes.