GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute Organizes Sessions on Sustainable Diets to Empower Patients

On the noble occasion of National Nutrition Month and Patient Safety Month, GD Hospital and Diabetes Institute organised an interactive session with dietitians, patients, and their relatives, along with a seminar on nutrition awareness month. The interactive session aimed to raise awareness about diabetes and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. Additionally, free diabetic charts were distributed to all patients, and BMI indexes were provided to atleast 50 patients and their relatives. The seminar focused on creating awareness about National Nutrition Month and its theme for this year, “Fuel for the Future,” which promotes sustainable diets. It also emphasized educating patients about basic nutrition, fostering healthy eating habits and choices, promoting physical activity, and raising awareness about patient safety. Distinguished dignitaries such as Dr. Shaibal Chakraborty, (Chief Medical Advisor)- GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute; Mr Javed Ali Khan (Chief General Manager) GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute graced the event.

GD Hospital and Diabetes Institute have embraced this year’s National Nutrition Month theme, “Fuel for the Future” as it advocates sustainable diet plans. They have always believed in the cruciality for individuals dealing with diabetes to take their health seriously. However, this initiative extended its benefits to all patients in attendance by providing informative charts. It not only sought to create awareness of patient safety but also emphasised the critical link between nutrition and patient well-being. Encouraging healthy dietary habits and physical activity is integral to patient safety, as neglecting a proper diet and consuming unhealthy food during serious conditions can lead to severe health complications.

On this occasion, Ms. Musrefa Hossain, CEO, GD Hospital & Diabetes Institute stated, “This year’s theme, ‘Fuel for the Future’ for National Nutrition Month, aligns perfectly with our goals. Education about nutrition and sharing dietary information is vital for diabetes patients, as it empowers them to lead healthier lives. Our focus should be on cultivating healthy eating habits, engaging in appropriate physical activity, and making informed food choices through a sustainable diet. Such a diet not only supports physical health but also mental and social well-being. From a patient safety perspective, understanding this information is crucial, as it equips individuals with diabetes to adopt healthy dietary practices and seek proper guidance from their doctors to prevent medical complications. This, in turn, contributes to their safety and overall well-being.”