Godrej Group Celebrates India’s 75th Diamond Jubilee Republic Day with a Gleaming Vision for ‘HeereJaisaMazboot’

As India readies to commemorate its 75th Republic Day on January 26th, Godrej Group takes pride in launching a digital campaign celebrating the journey of a nation transformed. Aligned with the official theme, “#HeereJaisaMazboot” (Developed India), the campaign shines a light on the ordinary citizens who have shaped India’s extraordinary diamond jubilee.

Through a poignant video narrative, the campaign recognizes the pressures, the relentless hard work, and the unwavering vision that have sculpted our nation into a metaphorical diamond. From farmers to entrepreneurs, doctors to soldiers, athletes to artists, the campaign spotlights the stories of everyday heroes, from diverse backgrounds and age groups, who have contributed to India’s growth and glory.

#HeereJaisaMazboot”, conceptualized and executed by Godrej Group, in collaboration with Creativeland Asia, is a heartfelt ode to the nation’s triumphs and struggles, encapsulating the spirit of unity and progress. The campaign is a testament to Godrej Group’s commitment to fostering a sense of national pride and acknowledging the role of every individual in shaping the destiny of the country.

Tanya Dubash, Executive Director and Chief Brand Officer of Godrej Industries, expressed the significance of this campaign, stating, “As we celebrate the 75th Republic Day, we want to recognize and celebrate the resilience of our nation, akin to a diamond that has withstood pressure and emerged stronger. #HeereJaisaMazboot” is our way of celebrating the remarkable journey of India and its citizens, and we hope it inspires everyone to contribute to the continued development and progress of our nation.”

Anu Joseph, Co-Founder and Creative Vice-Chairman, Creativeland Asia, said, “It’s the diamond jubilee of India becoming a Republic. And what is fascinating is the fact that all that we have gone through in the last 75 years – the pressures, the conflicts, the growth, the relentlessness, the resilience – has made India a diamond. As strong as one, and as brilliant as one. And Godrej takes pride in playing a role in nation building. The film is an ode to the Republic and a promise of continued efforts on Godrej’s part.”

Through its diverse portfolio of businesses, Godrej Group has not only mirrored India’s evolution but actively participated in shaping its future.

In a time when acknowledging our roots and collective progress is paramount, Godrej Industries is proud to present this campaign as a testament to the spirit of the nation. Godrej Group’s #HeereJaisaMazboot’ campaign is live on digital and social media platforms.