Gujarat Tourism Brings Taste of Gujarat to Kolkata

Kolkata, a city where people love food, relished authentic Gujarati dishes at the vibrant Gujarati Food Festival organised by Gujarat Tourism. Organised at Mangalam Banquets on 29th January, the food festival took the guests on a journey through Gujarat’s rich culinary heritage and gave them a taste of Gujarati cuisine.

The Gujarati Food Festival was a feast for the senses, as guests were greeted with colourful decorations and the aroma of spices, creating an authentic Gujarati atmosphere.

Guests savoured an extensive array of traditional Gujarati snacks like Mini Handvo, Patra, Khandvi, Dhokla, Khaman, Fulwadi, Batata Wada, and Methina Gota, with each bite bursting with flavours reminiscent of bustling Gujarati markets.

The opulent main course showcased the diversity of the Gujarati cuisine. From the refreshing Kobij no Sambharo to the comforting Fulka Roti and Bajri no Rotlo, every dish offered a unique taste of the region. Guests also relished dishes such as Sev Tameta nu Shak, Lasaniya Bataka, Ringan no Olo, Val, Mag ni Lachko Dal, Bhareli Dungali nu Shak, Gujarati Kadhi, Rajwadi Kadhi, Bhat, Vagharelo Rotlo, Kachumbar, Papad, Masala Chhash, and Athanu, to experience the wholesome Gujarati meal.

The food festival ended on a sweet note with a selection of traditional Gujarati desserts such as Churma na Ladu, Lapsi, Anguri Basudi, Rajbhog Matho, Dudhi no Halvo, and Sukhdi delighting every palate and showcasing the essence of Gujarat’s rich sweet traditions.

The festivities were complemented by captivating videos illustrating the intricate process of preparing the dishes, transporting guests to the heart of Gujarat’s culinary traditions, and adding an immersive experience to the occasion.

MLA Ambika Roy, TOWA President Madan Agarwal, ATSBP Vice President Samar Ghosh, TWA President Manas Mahapatra, HHTDN President Samrat Shyanal and AITO Chapter Chairman Debjit Dutta, were among the esteemed guests on the occasion.

The festival received heartfelt appreciation from the people of Kolkata, especially the Gujarati community in the city, offering a taste of home and a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The Gujarati Food Festival curated by Gujarat Tourism offered a delightful glimpse into Gujarat’s culinary legacy, leaving the guests satiated and with a newfound appreciation for the richness and diversity of Gujarati cuisine.