ICC Expands Global Presence with a Strategic Footprint in Canada

The Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has appointed Mr. Rahim Allani, an International Capital Markets Expert, to the role of Chief Representative for Canada. This strategic move of ICC will continue to enhance the economic ties of India with the global economy. Under Mr. Allani’s leadership, ICC foresees strong growth of the Institution especially in global Business, Youth Entrepreneurial landscape, Investment and Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI).

Mr. Allani holds an MBA degree from the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University and a BA(Hons.) from the University of Toronto. He has been involved in Capital Markets for over 20 years, and currently is the Managing Director of Canada for OCI Inc, an advisory firm focused on cross border mergers, acquisitions and financing. Apart from these, Mr. Allani is well recognized in Canada, and particularly in Toronto, for his expertise and experience in the Canada – India and Canada – China business corridors, having done business with these countries since 2008. He also serves on several boards and advisory boards for various public and private companies worldwide. Mr. Allani makes a bi-weekly appearance on the leading Finance and Equity Channel – Trader TV Live, where he is invited to speak about equity capital markets, with a focus on Canadian listed stocks, both domestic and internationally based. He is also a sought after guest-lecturer at renowned universities including in Canada and China where he speaks on International Business and Opportunities.

In his new role, Mr. Allani is expected to engage with corporations, government agencies and industry organizations to boost trade and investment between India and Canada. India and Canada have had “excellent coordination” on bilateral, commercial and cultural grounds, which has marked Canada as the 17th largest foreign investor in India with a cumulative investment of $3.67 Billion between 2020-2023. Trade in goods accounted for over $8.4B in 2023, an increase of over 18% year over year. Some of Canada’s largest funds have invested in India, with over 600 companies from Canada currently operating in India and over 1,000 Indian companies currently operating in Canada. The evolution of these opportunities will result in growth across several avenues including commerce, technology, culture and entertainment, natural resources and education. We will also witness an evolution in the political landscape between these two countries.

Mr. Ameya Prabhu, President of ICC, expressed delight in the appointment, stating, “We are happy to have Mr. Rahim Allani as ICC’s Chief Representative for the Canada chapter. His extensive experience and pivotal role in building economic ties between India and Canada makes his leadership invaluable. Under his leadership, we look forward to catalyzing robust cooperation between India and Canada propelling Youth Entrepreneurship, Investment, Capital and other Businesses opportunities.

Mr. Rahim Allani, an International Capital Markets Expert, joins as ICC’s Chief Representative for Canada

Mr. Rahim Allani shared his enthusiasm, saying, “I am honored to represent the Indian Chamber of Commerce as its Chief Representative in Canada. Leveraging my over 15 years of experience in the India Canada business segment, I am committed to enhancing Trade and Investment opportunities, strengthening bonds between corporations, government agencies and industry organizations, while also nourishing youth entrepreneurial opportunities. With a long and quickly growing business history between the countries, I look forward to contributing to the success of both great nations in the flourishing India-Canada economic partnership.”