iLEAD Chairman Mr. Pradip Chopra Pays Homage to Indian Army with his Musical Album ‘Safar’

iLEAD, The Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development, announces a landmark musical initiative by its Chairman, Mr. Pradip Chopra, in honor of the Indian Army. Titled “Safar” the soul-stirring musical album is set to be unveiled on Republic Day, 2024 in a spectacular event organized by iLEAD to pay tribute to the valor and sacrifices of the Indian Armed Forces.
In a departure from the conventional, Mr. Pradip Chopra, a luminary in his own right, is leveraging his multifaceted talents to create an immersive musical experience that tells the untold stories of the Indian Army. The “Safar” album comprises carefully chosen songs, each serving as a poignant ode to the journey, sacrifices and indomitable spirit of the armed forces.

iLEAD Chairman Mr. Pradip Chopra

The launch event, scheduled for January 26th, promises to be a grand affair attended by esteemed personalities from the film industry, military dignitaries, and other eminent guests. The venue will resonate with the melodies of “Safar” as Mr. Chopra lends his heartfelt voice to compositions that capture the essence of life in the Indian Army.

Mr. Chopra stated that the Indian Army plays a vital role in protecting the country from various terrorist activities. While we openly celebrate the bravery shown in war by our soldiers, there’s a tendency to overlook the fact that more soldiers lose their lives in anti-terrorist activities and unfortunately, these soldiers do not receive much glorification. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that these soldiers undergo not only physical challenges but also social and mental hardships. Their family members also grapple with the harsh realities of military life. So on this Republic Day, I sang a song aiming to capture the emotions of the soldier. This Sunday song portrays the feelings of a soldier who loses his life in an encounter against a terrorist on the day of his wedding. I believe this representation sheds light on the torture our soldiers endure during anti-terrorist activities.

“Safar” is not just an album; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the unsung heroes who safeguard the freedom and sovereignty of our great nation. Through this musical endeavor, Mr. Pradip Chopra aims to foster a sense of pride and gratitude towards the guardians of our nation while showcasing the diverse and challenging journey undertaken by the Indian Army.

Mr. Pradip Chopra, Chairman, iLEAD and PS Group, expressed his excitement, stating, “With ‘Safar’ I hope to bring to light the extraordinary tales of bravery and sacrifice woven into the fabric of the Indian Army. It’s homage to the heroes who dedicate their lives to protect our nation.”

Stay tuned for the release of “Safar” on January 26th, 2024, as iLEAD and Mr. Pradip Chopra pay homage to the gallantry and sacrifice of the Indian Army through the universal language of music.