KCC Unveils One Month Long Exhibition of Tapestries and Drawings by S G Vasudev

On 25th February Kolkata Centre for Creativity opened a one-month long art exhibition, ‘Interwoven’ by legendary artist S.G.Vasudev. The exhibition has been curated by Bangalore based art consultant and curator Nalini S Malaviya.

Interwoven presents selected artworks of the Bangalore-based veteran artist. Mr. Vasudev has experimented with various media throughout his 50 years long artistic career and is known for his versatility. A selection of 15 tapestries and 20 drawings will be on display on the first-floor gallery of the Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) from 25 February. The exhibition will run through various events till 25 March, 2023.

S G Basudev with one of his Tapestry works displayed at KCC

KCC that has been a diverse and inclusive organization, which promotes excellence in contemporary art and creates opportunities for young and emerging artists through a robust arts calendar has collaborated with legendary SG Vasudev who is regarded as an institution in India and this is the first time that his works are being exhibited in Kolkata.

In this exhibition, the focus remains on select tapestries, created over almost the last three decades and drawings from his early period to those that are recent and being exhibited for the first time.

During interaction with the visitors and press, S.G. Basudev said, ” We must take initiative in presenting the works of rural artisans and craftsmen in the mainstream art exhibitions. They must be given due respect and recognition as artists. In pre-colonial India there was no difference between artist and craftsman”.

Richa Agarwal, Chairperson, Kolkata Centre for Creativity said, “We are extremely happy to bring the iconic S G Vasudev to Kolkata. As an institution that showcases emerging and established artists, Kolkata Centre for Creativity believes the onus lies on it to introduce individuals to the possibilities and opportunities that art provides. The partnership with S G Vasudev has allowed KCC to offer cutting edge arts projects and be recognised as a key enabler for young and emerging artists and arts leaders. I am hopeful that the exhibition will draw an overwhelming number of art lovers from across the city.”

Reena Dewan, Director, Kolkata Centre for Creativity said, “We know our audiences have been waiting for this much awaited exhibition and the indelible experience of viewing the spectacular tapestries and drawings of the legendary 5 G Vasudev. As a catalyst for collaboration, we’re absolutely delighted to bring this ground-breaking arts showcase closer to our audiences in Kolkata. I believe it will strengthen our bond with young and emerging artists and offer an experience like never before to all art lovers.”

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