Kolkata to Host 3-Day ‘World Mithai & Namkeen Convention 2023’ from 17 December

The “World Mithai & Namkeen Convention” (WMNC) is an annual event held at various locations across the country. The main objective of this event is to unite the entire mithai and namkeen food industry, providing a common platform to address shared challenges and collectively tackle industry-wide issues.
‘World Mithai & Namkeen Convention 2023’ to be held on 17th-18th-19th December at Biswa Bangla Milan Mela, Kolkata. This grand occasion will showcase over 300 exhibitors from both national and international levels and is anticipated to attract over 30,000 B2B visitors. Notably, more than 5,500 members from every corner of the country will converge, gathering under one umbrella for this three-day extravaganza, thereby setting a new standard for the industry.

Advancing into the agenda, a noteworthy observation lies in the widespread Bengali sweets which are popular across the country, but their local distribution faces challenges due to lack of automation, labour scarcity, and short shelf-life, which hinder their widespread availability beyond state borders.
The discussion will explore the complexities of GST-related issues, addressing misunderstandings. For example, consuming Rasgulla at a mithai counter incurs a 5% GST without input credit, while it incurs a 5% GST when eaten at home. The task is to determine the appropriate tax value for a commodity, requiring extensive explanation and simplification to develop equal and uniform taxing practices.

Furthermore, the industry faces difficulties with frequent and irregular compliance issues. Excessive regulatory compliance can lead to confusion and wastage of food products, proving detrimental to manufacturers. The conference aims to address these concerns and work towards streamlining compliance processes, ensuring clarity and efficiency in food safety.
WMNC 2023 is a gathering of industry leaders and stakeholders to discuss global trends and innovations. With the support of established brands and influential figures, the conference aims to foster dialogue, address core problems, and pave the way for solutions that benefit the entire mithai and namkeen sector.

The conference will be conducted by Virendra Jain, President-FSNM; Firoz H Naqvi, Director-FSNM & Organizer WMNC 2023; Dhiman Das, President-Mishti Udyog; and Nilanjan Ghosh, Secretary-Mishti Udyog; Pratik Chandra, Director of Mukhorochak among others from Kolkata and other locations.

WMNC 2023 aims to assemble the industry’s utmost minds such as Bikaji, Haldiram’s, Bikano, Cornitos, Balaji Wafers, Prabhuji, Chitale Bandhu, Adyar Anand Bhavan, Makesh Namkeen, “K. C. Das Private Ltd.” Yellow Diamond, Das Pendawala, Almond House, and others. The conference is poised to facilitate discussions on global trends and innovations, creating a platform for industry leaders to collaborate and explore new horizons.