MediBuddy Wellness League 2023 Concludes with Record Participation by Top Corporates

MediBuddy, India’s largest digital healthcare platform, announced the winners of the MediBuddy Wellness League (MWL) 2023. As the curtains closed on the inaugural edition of the MWL, MediBuddy celebrated the resounding success of the campaign, which saw incredible engagement from participants from across the corporates.

A total of 500+ corporates across 150+ cities enthusiastically participated in the first edition of MWL 2023 and made it a grand success. The league garnered an impressive 61,000+ lakh registrations, reflecting employees’ strong interest and participation in prioritising their health and wellness. Among the registered participants, over 55,000 actively engaged in various activities and challenges throughout the league, which spanned around two and a half months. The league was gamified, where points were awarded to each player based on their participation in activities ranging from physical activity and healthy eating to mental health well-being.

MWL organised participation into teams, coaches, and players. Corporates functioned as teams, HR professionals served as coaches, and participating employees were designated players. This contest utilised a gamification framework where employees earned points for various wellness actions. The analysis accounted for company size by evaluating the percentage of participating employees. After a rigorous evaluation process, MWL 2023 is proud to announce the winners who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and enthusiasm in promoting well-being within their organisations. The reward partners for the league were FitPass, Tattva Wellness, and Jar.
Most Healthy Organisation 2023: Tata Consultancy Services.

MediBuddy Wellness Leader: Ms. Suchitra Ayer, Employee Benefits- Health and Wellness, Tata Consultancy Services
MediBuddy Health & Wellness Champions: Suresh Gugulo, Ashish Mogha, RJ Peeyush, Rishi K, Kamalakasan Govindaraj
These winners have not only set high standards for promoting employee well-being but have also inspired their peers to prioritise health and wellness in their daily lives.

Mr. Saibal Biswas, Head of Marketing, Partnerships, and PR at MediBuddy, expressed his gratitude to all the participating corporates and employees for their unwavering support and enthusiastic participation throughout the MWL 2023 campaign. He stated, “Promoting wellness adoption among corporates remains an ongoing challenge. However, prioritising health cannot wait. This contest was conceptualised to help corporates prioritise employee holistic well-being at scale. To foster holistic well-being and make healthy lifestyles a habit for employees, the MWL utilised a fun, gamified approach aimed at higher engagement. The organisation incentivised activities spanning fitness, nutrition, mental health, sleep, and more – tracking participation through challenges on its platform. MWL 2023 marked another milestone in MediBuddy’s ongoing commitment to engagingly fostering a culture of holistic well-being across corporate India. This built not only motivation but lasting habits, allowing corporates and staff to progress together on the path towards fulfilment.”

MediBuddy looks forward to future editions of the Wellness League and remains committed to promoting well-being and work-life balance among corporate employees across the country. The annual wellness league encourages organisations and individuals to invest in their health.