Nandita Banerjee’s Novel ‘In B’tween: The Wisp’ Released in Kolkata

US based author Nandita Banerjee’s 3rd novel ‘In B’tween: The Wisp’ was released on 23rd February at the Yellow Turtle restaurant in Kolkata.

The author, Nandita Banerjee grew up in India and now lives in Houston. With degrees in English Literature and Education she spent years teaching in India, in the US and in the UK until 2011 when she decided to give up teaching in favor of a career as a writer. A story concept descended on her, and she has been writing since.
She is the author of the No. 7 series, and In B’tween: The Wisp is her third novel. Like her first two novels, it is a supernatural drama, steeped in mystery and cultural detail.

In addition to writing novels, Banerjee also writes poetry. Thoughts Recollected in Tranquility is her debut poetry collection.

In B’tween: The Wisp’s story is about, the soulmates, Priya and Deepak. They searched for a heavenly afterlife but the thunderstorm separated each other. Priya slips into heaven where she is evaluated and rejected. However, Heaven’s glow rubs off on her, and she returns to the tumultuous skies, an orange wisp.
After that Priya went to her children to live with them, but they themselves were estranged into their hustle in life, where her daughter Sonya was blaming herself for the family tragedy. She cannot commit to anything without confidence. But her boyfriend, Paul, tries to help, but she but she ran to Randy with a passionate feelings against whom there was a severe warning. On the other hand, Priya’s son, Sunny is heartbroken for the broken engagement with Nikita.