Narayana Health RN Tagore Hospital Performs Successful Cardiac Surgery on a Patient with Rare Aortic Dissection

A couple of weeks back Mr. Hemant Das (Name Changed), 35, was leading a normal & active life without any serious diseases or symptoms, nor did he have any other substantial comorbidities. Gradually, he started experiencing mild dyspnea (breathing problem) during physical activities. He complained of shortness of breath while at rest and ripping chest pain that extended to his back one evening. Sensing the seriousness of the case, the family hurried him to Narayana Health RN Tagore Hospital where a highly experienced cardiac team led by eminent cardiac surgeon and Senior Consultant Dr Atanu Saha immediately swung into action to save the young patient’s life.

Dr. Atanu Saha is well-known as a leading expert in treating complicated cardiac and aortic conditions requiring surgery and he, without delay, suspected that that Mr. Das was suffering from an aortic dissection. Finally, the patient was diagnosed with an acute Type A Aortic dissection, a rare disorder in which one of the aorta’s layers—the body’s most significant blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to every organ—ruptured and separated. According to the expert, with this highly lethal ailment, almost one-third of patients never even get the chance to receive a diagnosis or timely access to a hospital with specialized treatment; of those who do, sadly, nearly one-third do not survive. He was only saved by a timely and crucial emergency visit to a hospital known for its excellence in cardiovascular sciences.

“It was a life-threatening condition in which the aorta’s interior had ruptured, causing blood from the heart to continue flowing into a false channel and ultimately jeopardizing the body’s blood supply. The aorta had dilated unnaturally, there were several tears, and the incorrect route in the circulation had nearly reached the lower belly. The patient required an emergency surgical repair. It took around 12 hours to do this extremely complicated surgery, which required specialized knowledge,” elaborated Dr. Atanu Saha – Senior Consultant ,Cardiac Surgeon Narayana Hospital RN Tagore Hospital.

“To stop an aortic leak, the aorta’s entrance rips were patched, and a synthetic valve was installed. His aortic arch, which is where the blood arteries supplying the brain and upper limbs began, had to be repaired, and a sizable section of the aorta had to be rebuilt using prosthetic materials,” added Dr Saha.

Congratulating Dr. Saha’s team including Dr Abhinaba Sarkar, Dr Shubham Gupta, Dr Digvijay AR, Dr Gopal Sarkar and Dr Anuj Das and other supporting nurses and perfusionists, Mr Abhijit CP, Facility Director at Narayana Hospital RN Tagore Hospital, said, “This successful intervention exemplifies represents our commitment to cutting-edge healthcare. The collaboration of our expert team, advanced facilities, and Mr. Das’s resilience contributed to this extraordinary outcome.”

Mr. R Venkatesh, Group COO, Narayana Health, said, “Difficult procedures like these exemplify our ongoing pursuit of excellence in healthcare. We are dedicated to providing world-class medical solutions to our patients.”

The experts also revealed that apart from the surgical and medical difficulties, Mr. Das’s ability to have a positive attitude and perseverance in dealing with the stress following the procedure was crucial in enabling him to resume his regular life.