Now STORY is also at Salt Lake

STORY on 8th August announced the grand launch of its iconic book store, the distinctively unique store at Salt Lake, offering a wide collection of books, toys, art materials, and stationery all under one roof. The store was launched in the presence of, Janab Firhad Hakim, Mayor & Urban Development Minister, Director Arindam Sil along with Ms. Shambhavi Pansari, Business Director of STORY.

STORY is being launched by Primarc Group, after the end of a spectacular inning for Story on Elgin Road, which has been the go-to stop for books, stationery and amazing coffee since 2004, first as Crossword and then as Story in 2014 and after almost two decades of success, this renounced book store in Bhawanipur shifts to a new location in Salt Lake.

This store isn’t just a place to purchase books it’s a space where ideas come alive. From writing workshops, storytelling sessions to theatre workshops, people will acquire an experience which stimulates their imagination. Workshops and other activities create scope for people of all ages to engage in leaming. From best-selling novels to various genres, children’s books to classic literature, and a wide range of art materials and stationery, this store is a paradise for every book enthusiast

STORY is offering special activities for kids to engage them with books. Nowadays, kids are more into using mobile phones and other technology. To introduce them with books, reading habits, and other cultural activities, STORY has a range of plans lined up. To ennch the experience further, STORY offers a membership program at Rs.1100/-. Members get exclusive benefits like discounts on some workshops and sessions, including a 20% discount on books priced over Rs.200/- for a period of three years. Members who come under this program in the very first month will have gift vouchers of Rs.250/-.

Additionally, the members received special previews for sales. With personal shopper assistants available, members can receive personalized recommendations and guidance on finding the right book according to his/her requirements. With its wide collection, welcoming ambiance, interactive experiences, and exclusive membership program, STORY aims to stand out as a bookstore and offer a delightful experience to people.

STORY aims at providing a pleasant experience for book lovers of all ages, with its cozy comfortable reading spaces, interactive book club, and regular workshops and events. The 4000 square feet bookstore is a literary sanctuary where readers and also non-readers can nurture their world of imagination.

The store launch took place at STORY, located opposite Salt Lake Stadium. STORY has been a great entity for me that not only gave me satisfaction in terms of career but at the personal front as well.” said Ms. Shambhavi Pansari, Business Director, STORY.