‘Sleeping Pills’ Celebrates its Seven Years of Musical Journey

Band music, just like Poetry, Art and Drama, has become an integral part of the cultural DNA of Kolkata. Since 90s of the last century many Music Bands from the City of Joy have been mesmerizing music lovers with their unique offerings.

One of the prominent bands of the city Sleeping Pills has completed seven years of doing post Rock band music. On 14th may they celebrated this milestone at Jadavpur’s Abar Baithak Cafe among a group of music lovers and friends.

Sleeping Pills performing at Abar Baithak Cafe

They have positioned them as a post rock, alternative, electronicore band. It’s inception was at the early 2016 when two medical student Manishi and Writabrata came up with their music taste and curated an alternative rock band. 12th may it added up with 5 more of them Shubham (ex-member) as the guitarist Snehajit (ex-member) as in the synth. Writabrata as the bassist and Deepmoy (ex- member) as drummer, after several peaks and valleys within a couple of months Ritam joined them as drummer, then Debayan as guitarist and Suman as keyboardist.

Later on, they did several jams and attended so many band competitions & gigs like Mirchi music band hut. Siddha live in series. “Sayan er jonnyo eksutre”. and so many in between 2017 and 2018 meanwhile the band got 2nd position in mirchi band hunt.

Altogether they attended several corporate shows and college gigs, they attended annual doctors meet up at the hotel Sonar Bangla, Sagar Dutta medical college social in between late 2018 and 2019. They tuned into electronicore as they deal in successful and risky tangy experiment of music genres, there may be high possibilities of infusion of classical elements with the current genre they are dealing with.

They have received many awards and recognitions. Few of them need special mentions: First runners-up in radio mirchi Jalsaghar battle of bands (2018), first runners-up in Nokia fest (2018), runners-up in Belgharia rock fest.

Speaking about their USP Vocalist Manishi Bhattacharya said, “We at Sleeping Pills justify our name by our own music, our authentic composition, own lyrics which will give our audience the pleasure and sooth of sleep, the calmness of their dream. At the end of the day when they will go to bed, our sound will resonate and linger within their eardrums and their mind will be full peace, satisfaction and sooth and hence insomnia will be healed with the antidote, rhythm”.

Mr. Gaurab Chatterjee (Gabu), drummer of the renowned band ‘Lakkhichhara’ also attended the celebration. He said, ” Youngsters of many new bands are doing great music. They are very passionate about their works. When we started doing band music television and radio supported us a lot. New bands may not get that endorsements but still they are exploring other available platforms like YouTube and other social media to reach their audience with full commitment. I am happy to see Sleeping Pills completing seven years”.

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