Sunday Sunshine on Karma and Self

One day has to come when we will leave behind all our essences that has grown with us and turn to a new self. And this happens after a major change in life.

Sometimes we all make mistakes and take our own calls, but what about those moments when we sacrifice for the good of others.

Karma still plays a role.

We float towards our own journeys. At times none in the world understands the sacrifices that we make; perhaps even possible that we would be misunderstood and left alone. Such instances are not very rare. Amidst all these too, people achieve their dreams and happiness.

Its difficult to understand the flow of life but perhaps nothing matters at the end or everything matters. It’s upto us how we take life. But blessed are those who can create and bring something new around them. There must be people who admire, hate or love you, or maybe they are just being with you because they are alone in this world for a while and are holding onto you to keep themselves alive.

Hardly matters. You must just leave all these people and situations behind and move forward. And choose those people, with whom you want to be with. It’s not at all being selfish, rather it is the best that you can do for yourself in your lifetime.


(Written by Anindita Bose. Anindita wears many hats. She is an Author, Teacher, Motivational Speaker & Public Relations Expert)

One thought on “Sunday Sunshine on Karma and Self

  1. I know her personally. She has the spark which can enlightened a person mind. All my good wishes for her.

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