Young Indians (Masoom vertical) Organized Kids Carnival for 400 Underprivileged Kids

On a vibrant Sunday morning today, Young Indians, under the Masoom vertical, orchestrated a heartwarming carnival at Chitrakoot building lawns for 400 underprivileged kids. Spearheaded by Chair Manjari Damani and Co-Chair Moulishree Damani, the event aimed to bring joy and enlightenment to young lives.

The festivities unfolded with an array of engaging activities. The trampoline elicited laughter, the tumble tosser sparked excitement, and a captivating puppet show transported the children to a world of wonder. Zumba classes not only infused energy but also encouraged a healthy lifestyle. The inclusion of a slide and “can the can” game added an extra layer of delight.

Beyond the joyous moments, the event had a profound purpose. Young minds were sensitized to essential topics like safe and unsafe touch, climate change, road safety, and mental health. Through carefully curated activities, the carnival became a platform for education masked in the guise of fun, fostering awareness and empowerment among the attendees.

Under the leadership of Baibhav Agarwal the Sunday morning carnival became a beacon of compassion, instilling valuable lessons while creating enduring memories for these deserving children.