After ‘Binodiini’ Ram Kamal to direct ‘Draupadi’ starring Rukmini Maitra

Acclaimed filmmaker and celebrity biographer Ram Kamal Mukherjee to make magnum opus Draupadi with Rukmini Maitra. This will be their second mega celluloid journey after Binodiini-Ekti Natir Upakhyan, Bengali biopic based on theatre legend Binodini Dasi.

Ram Kamal & Rukmini

Dev Entertainment Ventures and Pramod Films once again collaborates to bring in the magical tale of Mahabharata on big screen. Produced by Bengal’s superstar Dev Adhikari and Prateek Chakravorty from Mumbai, the film promises to be Bengal’s biggest visual extravaganza.

The production houses have roped in Bollywood filmmaker Ram Kamal Mukherjee to helm this magnum opus. While Rukmini Maitra will play the title role. The film is based on noted author Pratibha Ray’s award winning Odiya novel Yajnaseni.

“When director Ram Kamal approached me for the film rights of Yajnaseni through my publisher Rupa Publications, I was delighted that even today Indian filmmakers are interested in the story of Mahabharata. My book, Yajnaseni, is about Mahabharata from Draupadi’s point of view with contemporary relevance. Yajnaseni is an epitome of Patience, Penance and Power. It’s a creative collaboration, and Ram Kamal being an author himself, will definitely do justice to Yajnaseni and her story. I feel we are at the right time to revisit our epics and tell the new generation about our culture and heritage, winner”, Pratibha Ray says.

Producer Dev Adhikari from Dev Entertainment Ventures says, “After watching Ram Kamal’s work in Binodiini Ekti Natir Upakhyan, I realized that he has an amazing sense of aesthetics and visual presentation skill. When he shared his dream of making Draupadi, I felt that he would certainly do justice to the scale and subject. I have also witnessed the range of Rukmini as a performer in Binodiini, and I knew why Ram Kamal wanted to cast her as Draupadi. As a producer uniqueness of his narrative attacted me. It’s going to be a mind-blowing experience for all.”

Producer Prateek Chakraborty from Pramod Films says, “Mahabharat is one of the most epic tale ever told. The characters, their journey, their redemptions are life lessons. An attempt to recreate this grandeous saga is both intriguing, exciting and nerve wracking and we attempt to say it in Bangla in it’s most ambitious form. Having worked with Ram Kamal Mukherjee on Binodiini Ekti Natir Upakhyan; reinstated my faith in him as a master story teller who produces what he presents and his vision of Mahabharata bowled me away to start this new magnificent journey. And Rukmini Maitra who has encapsulated the essence of ‘Nati Binodini’ beyond expectations is here only to fly further and her as Draupadi only takes the bar several notches higher. So I am looking forward to the responsibility of creating this magnum opus with Dev, Ram Kamal and Rukmini.”

Bengal’s leading actress Rukmini Maitra says, “It’s pleasure to reunite with Ram Kamal after Binodiini Ekti Natir Upakhyan, because he makes me feel comfortable in characters that are extremely challenging to portray on screen. Guess, these are the little perks that you enjoy while working with a friend. He has been wanting to make Draupadi, but he waited for the right time. It’s an honour to be a part of Mahabharata, a subject that is so close to every Indian. Needless to say this will definitely be one of the most challenging role in my career after Binodiini.”

The production houses released a motion poster designed by Ekta Bhattacharjee from Ekta Tales with background score composed by Sourendro and Soumyojit duo. The Sanskrit verses in Draupadi motion poster are written by Ram Kamal. Currently the director is wrapping up his post production work on Binodiini Ekti Natir Upakhyan, and simultaneously working on the research and screenplay of the film.

“I am thankful to my producers Dev and Prateek for standing by my vision once again, this time on a much larger scale. I am grateful to Pratibhaji (Ray) for giving us the official filmming rights of her best seller novel Yajnaseni. And finally, I am overwhelmed to reunite with my most favourite Rukmini as Draupadi. I know for a fact that we both will have to work hard on this film. I don’t remember when was the last time Bengali cinema produced a mythological film? Hats off to Dev and Prateek for taking that leap of faith with me and Rukmini,” says director Ram Kamal Mukherjee.

“This film needs four months pre-production and rigorous workshop before we hit the floor,” added Mukherjee.