Indo Americana Production Announces its upcoming film ‘Abar Awronne Din Ratri’

On 2nd August, Indo Americana Production, helmed by Sandeep Sarkar and Ajanta Sinha Roy, has revealed its upcoming film ‘Abar Awronne Din Ratri’ with the teaser of the film in the presence of the lead casts Paayel Sarkar, Alivia Sarkar, Tanima Sen, and others. Directed by Suman Maitra, Abar Awronne Din Ratri is a coming-of-age story of 3 women travel vloggers. Nandini, Enakshi, and Mithi, the trio comes to Dooars to shoot their vlog Musafirana. Then their personal thoughts and aesthetical dimensions of life get interpreted with each other at a crossroads.

Paayel Sarkar, Suman Maitra and Alivia Sarkar during teaser launch event

Speaking about the concept of the film, director Suman Maitra said, “Great filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s prestigious film “Aronner Din Ratri” which was based on Sunil Gangopadhyay’s novel “Aronner Din Ratri” has inspired me. I tried to reinterpret a story that is solely mine and in no way did I want to disrespect the legend and the author of the original and with no intention to hurt the sentiments and emotions of Bengali people and respected families related to the film. “Abar Awronne Din Ratri” is an inspirational fiction and my creation which has no connection with the original.

It is a coming-of-age story of 3 women travel vloggers. My film is a travelogue with the elements of a road journey, the visual of a deep forest, the silence of the hills, and various shades of the characters. Abar Awronne Din Ratri is a fresh take on the girls who want to explore, travel, and look at the world with a different outlook and how adventure, thrill, fun, music, and songs have rejuvenated their personal and work lives.”

Expressing her happiness about the release of the much-awaited film Abar Awronne Din Ratri, producer Smt. Ajanta Sinha Roy says, “About Abar Awronne Din Ratri, I can only say it is a fresh and smart story of a girl team which has a feel-good feeling throughout the movie. The breathless beauty of Dooars and the colorful vibrant moments of life intermingle in a smart symphony of music and songs. It is a must-watch film for audiences of all ages. We from Indo Americana Production are here with our second movie which speaks of love, life, family, and togetherness.”

The cast includes Paayel Sarkar (as Nandidi), Rupsha Mukhopadhyay (as Enakshi), Alivia Sarkar (as Mithi), Yukta Rakshit, Partha Sarathi Deb, Tanima Sen, Debasish Ganguly, Partha Pratim Sarkar, Aryan Roy, Arpita Das, Rajib Saha, Biswajit Roy.

Few more details about the film:

Lyrics: Rabindranath Tagore, Arnab Bose

Music: Koustav Rana Sarkar, Bappaditya Subhro

BGM: Bappaditya Subhro

Singers: Madhupourna Ganguly, Sohini Bhattacharya, Angana Chatterjee, Koustav Rana Sarkar, Bappaditya Subhro

Editor: S Shekhar, Executive Producer: Sreejit A Sarkar