J.D. Birla Institute organised a three-day international workshop on ‘Limitless Potential – A Step towards Gender Equity’

Widespread gender disparity still exists in society. Discrimination against women and girls has been an ongoing, pervasive scourge that permeates all facets of society. We must start by altering society’s mentality and educating the next generation about the consequences of evil if we are to address these gender-related problems. In this context educational institutions can play a major role. J.D. Birla Institute, affiliated to Jadavpur University, organised a three-day international workshop on “Limitless Potential – A Step towards Gender Equity” in association with Vidya Veda Foundation and Esesson Foundation, Australia from September 18 to 20, 2023, in an innovative effort to promote equality between men and women. The workshop was put together.

Experts from Australia and the United States of America trained students in the domains of self-defense, female health, mental health & resilience, physical fitness & strength, leadership development & goal setting, and nutrition & wellbeing. The event saw enthusiastic participation from about 420 students. The emphasis was on teaching young adults the abilities and cultivating the mindset necessary for protecting oneself from violence and unwanted hostility towards themselves.

“JDBI’s hospitality is incomparable. As our first stop in India, I brought the team to JDBI, and I can confidently declare that no other college can compare to JDBI in terms of organizing student events, friendliness and excitement.” said Dr. Ajitha Naidu Sugnanam
Dentist , Royal Australia Forces, Australia .

“Beautiful college and faculty second to none. Students were so open with us. It is so refreshing to be at a college with has a contemporary outlook.” said Mr. David Flood
Self Defense Instructor, Australia.